Swedish Death Cleaning

This article says people should start slowing getting rid of unnecessary household objects in their 50’s so as to not burden others when they eventually pass away.

But given the amount of junk Shea and I have in our house, I think we should probably start now in our late 30’s (her), early 40’s (me) to get a head start! ūüėČ

YouTube Policy Changes – Censorship or Just Good Business Practice?

I think I’ve mentioned before that one of my highest marks in library school was, ironically, for the one class I took within our faculty but outside our department – a “History of Information” course that was offered through the journalism school.

My final presentation in that class was about the future of online video and although I don’t write as much about changes and developments in this area as I used to (heck, at one point, I was going to start a whole different blog specifically about this topic!), I still am very interested in how how online video is changing the world in so many ways, good and bad.

Recently, there was a controversy when YouTube (who have 80% of the market for online video services) changed its rules to not post ads/generate revenue on videos relating to tragedies¬†or other inappropriate content. ¬†(Er, reading further, they say they didn’t change their rules – they claim they’ve actually just started notifying creators whose ads were affected, ironically, in an attempt to be more transparent.)

YouTube is a business so obviously they can set their own policies. ¬†But it’s also a near-monopoly that, in many ways, acts like a public square. ¬†So¬†the line between YouTube following good business practice and YouTube practicing censorship will be different for everyone.

And even if you allow that YouTube can make their own policies, some feel the new rules aren’t being applied equally…

Popular YouTuber¬†Philip DeFranco, who has 4.5 million subscribers, is one of the leading voices¬†expressing irritation about the service‚Äôs pulling ads for violating its terms of service. He said ads were disabled recently for¬†12 of his¬†videos apparently because they included ‚Äúexcessively strong language‚Ä̬†or covered ‚Äúcontroversial or sensitive subjects,‚ÄĚ thereby running afoul of YouTube‚Äôs¬†advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Also this guy whose rant has around five million views as I type this…

Oh, and it turns out that I’m affected too.

One of my Top 5 most viewed videos of all-time is a clip of Shea having a doppler scan while pregnant with Pace which has been labeled by YouTube as “inappropriate”.

(YouTube says they haven’t changed their underlying policy but it appears that a video that made me a few bucks over the years will no longer have ads – or may only have limited ads – so this is a big change, especially for the increasing number of people who now rely on YouTube for their income.)

On that note, due to the volume of complaints about this change, YouTube will only review videos that have had 1000 views or more in the past week (mine has had 17,000 but that’s over a decade so it’s frustrating that there is no real recourse for situations like this either.)


Music Monday – “Yeah, the lord is my refuge and fortress/My God with whom I trust/But I’ll never know why the wicked/Gets to prey on the best of us”

Hard to believe it’s only been a week since the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

So many stories, speculations and even songs coming out over the past week.

Here’s a new one from Eric Church, the Friday night headliner at the Harvest 91 Festival who had actually jumped into the crowd during his set and, had circumstances been different, might have not had a celebratory experience with his fans like he did.

He’s written a song in response to the experience going from the highest of highs at the end of his final show of the year on Friday night to hearing about what happened on Sunday…

Why Not Me” – Eric Church (this link leads to a front row recording which includes not only the new song he debuted at the Grand Ole Opry but a cover of “Hallelujah” he followed it with.)

Alex Ovechkin On Pace for 287 Goals, 0 Assists This Season

After a hat trick in his first game and four goals in his second game (two hat tricks in the first two games hasn’t been done in the NHL for 100 years!)…

…Alexander Ovechkin is on pace to score 287 goals this season. (I hope I’ve got him in my hockey pool!)

Saturday Snap – Martha Stewart?

Shea’s channeling her inner Martha Stewart for a Thanksgiving center piece this year (though the fact that our plates appear to be stolen from a 1970’s Chinese restaurant sort of cancels the effect!) ūüėČ

Friday Fun Link – All The People Who Are Not Jagmeet Singh


Because all brown people look the same to white people (even CBC reporters who should know better!), the good people at Vice have put together a guide to all the people who are not Jagmeet Singh.

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – First Branch Staff Meeting (October 2013)

This photo of my first staff meeting after coming to Regent Place branch is from only a few years ago but it’s pretty amazing that only three of the eleven (four of twelve if you count me on the other side of the camera) still work at the branch.

Four have retired, one went to a government job, one moved to another branch, one went to another library system, one is on leave.

This photo says a lot about the ongoing boomer retirement transition which is only going to increase as more Gen X’ers and Millennials move up in their respective organizations.

(It also apparently says that the best way to stay working at this branch is to sit in the front left corner of the table as all three employees who still work here are sitting in a row in that area!)

The NHL Season Begins Tonight! (Moves Like Jagr)

He wasn’t in the lineup for the Flames opening night loss to the Oilers (well, to Connor McDavid who had a hat trick in a 3-0 victory). ¬†But I’m pretty excited to see Jaromir Jagr in a Flames jersey!

Watch this first if you don’t know why I’m excited…

Then watch this to have a chuckle…

New Trump Poll Out Today

Music Monday – “Me and monkey/Like Butch and the Sundance Kid Trying to understand/Why he did what he did/Why he did what he did”

The worst mass shooting in recent US history (so far) happened yesterday and I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Should I talk about gun control?  Mental health & personality disorders?  Gun control? Media narratives? Gun control? Deja vu? Gun control? Disinformation? Gun control?

Or should I just throw up my hands at the futility of trying to say anything and instead, post a song that Robbie Williams recorded in 2002 which is about his cocaine addiction but contains eerie similarities to yesterday’s shooting including references to not only the Mandalay Bay and guns but even to being on the 33nd floor (the gunman was on the 32nd) and hoping not to shoot anyone! ūüėģ

It sounds like something from r/conspiracy but the UK press (where Williams is on the level of a Justin Timberlake)¬†have noted the coincidence, even if the US hasn’t caught it.

At any rate, that’s what I’m posting today since that’s about as likely to help me understand what happened as much as anything else I might read?

(Note: I don’t do a lot of disclaimers on this blog but this video shows a very large crowd at a concert and includes a screen behind Williams showing imagery that some might find disturbing, especially in light of today’s events.)

Me and My Monkey” – Robbie Williams