Music Monday – “She’s learning how to surf/Going with the flow/Peace out from San Diego/She is letting me go”

One of my favourites, Sam Baker, has another album that he just released last week.

It’s already getting rave reviews from many quarters.

“Peace Out” – Sam Baker

What Are Some Books That Everyone Studying Biology Should Read?

Actually, anyone who wants to be informed about the world around them should read many of these books.

Saturday Snap – The Exact Opposite of Us Pulling an rPod With A Minivan?

Pulling a giant fifth wheel RV with a semi – something I’ve never seen before!

The family happened to be around when I snapped this pic so I stopped and chatted for a minute – the dad said they had their big rig to pull a semi trailer that had been customized as living quarters for their family and plus the equipment of the son who rides motorcycles competitively.

Once he stopped doing that, they looked at buying a truck to pull their RV but since a new truck was going to be more than they paid for the semi, they decided to just start using it to tow the RV.

He said it works great except he can’t get into most regular campgrounds and so they have to camp in parking lots and open fields.


Friday Fun Link – Twitter Just Learned Sasha Obama’s Real Name (And That The Obamas Have Lied About Another Birth Certificate Issue!)

Although it’s shocked the online world to find out that Sasha Obama’s parents have lied about another birth certificate issue, I’m happy to report that our Sasha remains who we say she is.  😉

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Sk8r Boi (April 2012)

Pace is really into skateboarding now so it was interesting to come across this picture from when he was five which is probably the first time he ever tried out a skateboard.

This was taken in the backyard of one of Shea’s friends whose husband is also really into skateboarding and other extreme sports.

When Your Dad Is Your Secret Shopper

I had an important meeting at work yesterday so took Sasha to daycare even though she wasn’t feeling great (probably caught what I had last week) which is usually a big no-no.

Luckily, my parents happened to be up in the city running errands so they were able to retrieve her before she had to be there for too long.

When I talked to them at lunch, dad asked where I got my hair cut since his regular barber isn’t available right now.  I told him I usually go to the hair salon that’s right beside my work since it’s convenient and it helps me stay connected with what’s going on in our strip mall and the wider neighbourhood.

When I got home at the end of the day, dad had gotten his hair cut and said that the woman who cut his hair said she was very impressed with me and the work I’d done since coming to the library.  She said she had a number of clients who go to my branch and they all are very complimentary too.

So that was a nice, unexpected compliment and a vote of confidence from a community member who sees the work that, not just myself, but my entire staff are doing to create a friendly, welcoming space for a wide range of people.

Sometimes I Forget I Have A Blog…

…usually after a weekend of camping.

Here’s some “catch-up” posts…

Saturday Snap – Skateboard Mods
Pace modified his penny board with duct tape and glow sticks (and after we got home, more permanently with some spray paint I got him to decorate the ramp his grandpa built him!)

Secular Sunday
More than half of Canadians in a recent Ipsos poll said that they felt religion does more harm than good (I’m an atheist and I’m surprised how high that number is!) 😉

Music Monday – “She’s a tailgate party queen/The roughest rider you ever seen/Moose Jaw and Indian Head/It ain’t as flat as everyone says”
I feel like I probably posted this Tim Hus song before but it’s too good not to post again…

Saskatchewan Son of a Gun” – Tim Hus

Friday Fun Link – Spotify’s Biggest One Hit Wonders

A graph of the songs that get the most plays out of an artist’s entire catalogue on Spotify…


Me Today.


Great @ryanmeili Speech – “A Question of Trust”

I meant to post this when I first saw it as I thought it was a pretty powerful speech, so unique and different from the usual generic “blah blah” you hear from so many politicians.

In it, Ryan Meili talks about the reasons why the general public doesn’t trust politicians.  He points out how politicians aren’t seen as honest, how they seek power for the sake of power, how they allow themselves to be influenced by their donors at the expense of the greater good.

He cites examples from his background in medicine where companies will influence medical practitioners with everything from stationery to free meals to direct payments for prescribing certain medications.

And then he goes on to say that, as a doctor, he made a conscious decision to *not* engage in any of those practices himself.

With the next election shaping up to be one where trust/corruption/betrayal are likely going to be some core themes, how amazing is it that the Saskatchewan NDP has someone who is so clearly on the right side of the issue of trust as a potential leader against a Premier who took tens of thousands in salary top-up from his party’s corporate donors, has allegedly helped party donors make money on shady land deals and who even tried to recruit oil companies to Saskatchewan that he held shares in.

In fact, the camera is on the person speaking during this entire clip.  But apparently Premier Brad Wall got up and left the house while Meili was speaking.

Meili is a doctor by trade and it’s clear in this clip because, as he says, his words clearly manage to hit a nerve! 🙂