Secular Sunday – At What Point Does This Become Blasphemous?

Saturday Snap – (Un)Hip Waders

 My uncle and I while putting in the dock at our family cottage…


Friday Fun Link – Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today

This site uses census data to match your name’s popularity the year you were born (Jason = #3 in 1973) with the same ranked name from this year (Mason = #3 in 2015) as well as some other years as well.

For the record…

Shea would be Amaya
Pace would be Abriel
Sasha would be Zara

Pretty cool!

You Can’t Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File Sharing

Libraries and file-sharing do not differ in principle. The purpose of libraries was – is – to make culture and knowledge available to as many as possible, as efficiently as possible, for free – simply because of the greater socioeconomic benefit of an educated and cultural populace. How is this not file-sharing?

Great article that sums up very nicely how I feel about the topic.

Ultimately, both the public library and torrents are ways of making cultural knowledge available for free to a wide number of citizens.  Yes, one method is *way* more efficient than the other but isn’t that the impact technology is having in every industry to one degree or another?

We have built the most amazing public library ever created. All of humanity is able to access the collective culture and knowledge of all of humanity, twenty-four by seven, as well as contribute to that collective pool. All the tools are already in place, all the infrastructure already rolled out, all the training already completed. Not a single tax penny needs to be spent to accomplish this. The only thing we need to do is to remove the ban on using it.

The Second Job You Don’t Know You Have: How Self-Checkouts, ATMs and Airport Check-Ins are Changing Our Economy

Shadow work [is] all the unpaid jobs we do on behalf of businesses and organizations: We are pumping our own gas, scanning our own groceries, booking our travel and busing our tables at Starbucks. Shadow work is a new concept, so as yet, no one has compiled economic data on how many jobs we, the consumers, have taken over from (erstwhile) employees. Yet it is surely a force shrinking the job market, and the unemployment it creates is structural. Thanks in part to this new phenomenon, widespread joblessness could become entrenched in the social landscape

Read more:

An interesting article and libraries are not immune as they increasingly move towards self-check, mobile apps and self-serve holds among other technological changes that impact the staffing requirements of the organization.

One one hand – increasing automation feels inevitable and has been ever since the spinning loom was invented in the Industrial Revolution.  The question then becomes how does society continue with this new reality?  For example, could the increasing calls for a Guaranteed Minimum Income offset the increasing loss of entry-level, service sector and other jobs?

Happy 8th Birthday Pace!

You rock!!!

Music Monday – “Take one last look/At the place you are leaving”

Tom Waits with a song that’s a perfect tribute as David Letterman heads towards his final show this Wednesday.

Also from Rolling Stone…

…and How David Letterman Reinvented TV.

“Take One Last Look” – Tom Waits

Norm MacDonald Gets Emotional During Final Stand-Up Set On Late Night with David Letterman

David Letterman’s final show is this Wednesday and he’s been having a farewell run of top-notch and personal favourite guests all of whom are paying tribute to Letterman’s innovation and influence (and I definitely don’t disagree – how radical was David Letterman when he first started?)

Anyhow, Norm MacDonald’s comments after his stand-up set the other night, twenty-five years after Letterman gave him his first big break, was pretty touching…

Saturday Snap – Big Sunglasses


Friday Fun Link – Is The Joker A Better Vigilante Than Batman?

I love any alternate take on well-known pop culture narratives.