The Next Five Years of Superhero Movies

This infographic excites me greatly…

Music Monday – “Take me to church/I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies/I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife “

Saw this guy on Saturday Night Live last week and he blew me away.

At first, a song called “Take Me To Church” with a refrain of “Amen, amen” throughout might seem like a typical religious song.

But listen to the lyrics a little closer (or just read the excerpt from the chorus I used as the subject line of this post) and it’s clear that’s not the case.

Powerful video as well…

Take Me To Church” – Hozier

One Year To The Next Federal Election: 25 Reasons You *Shouldn’t* Vote For Harper #canpoli #cndpoli #skpoli

In politics, it’s really easy to slip into hyperbole, no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on – “George W. Bush was the WORST President of all-time!”, “Obama has RUINED the United States forever!”

The next federal Canadian election is (tentatively) scheduled for October 19, 2014, exactly one year from today.

And when you’re talking about Stephen Harper, the reality is that for around 70% of the population, that day can’t come soon enough.  It’s also not hyperbole to say that there’s no other Prime Minister in Canadian history who’s caused more damage to Canada’s democracy, our environment, our traditional social values and our international reputation.

Here’s just one list of 25 of his absolute worst offences you really should read, *especially* if you think Harper’s an okay guy.    (Go ahead – it’s a quick read.)

I’m sure I’ll be posting about politics with increasing frequency as the next election approaches but for now, I hope you’ll just consider that list as you begin to think about who you’ll be voting for one year from today.

Saturday Snap – New Hallway Art

Shea re-painted our back landing and downstairs hallway recently.

That gave us an excuse to move a cool piece of art a friend gave us for our wedding to a more prominent location right at the bottom of the stairs.

Looks good!

Friday Fun Link – Do Not Touch

This site is pretty cool – a band created a crowdsourced music video comprised of people who visited their site following the instructions on screen.  Try it yourself!

Pirate Joes: A Unique Take on Cross-Border Shopping

A friend in Vancouver posted this story on Facebook mentioning that the story of a local man who’s going across the border, buying hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trader Joe’s (which doesn’t have stores in Canada) then re-selling the goods at his “Pirate Joe’s Store” is apparently a big deal out there.

I’m obviously very interested in copyright but this story provides an interesting take on the related issues around trademark, corporate “rights” to enforce their regional territory, the doctrine of first sale (eg. once you buy a product, its yours to do with as you please) and so on.

“Do You Believe In God?” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Good stuff…

“Instead of begging, he provides book reviews.”

This young man sits on the side of Empire Road in South Africa and instead of begging he provides book reviews. He collects all these books, reads each of them, and provides reviews for people passing by. If you like the review, he will try to sell you the book. This is how he makes a living.

(via /r/Africa)

Music Monday – “Line one/Is the time/That you/You first stayed over at mine”

Here’s a set from a reunited Beautiful South at Glastonbury 2014’s “Introducing” stage (I guess being re-united qualified them?) featuring Shea’s and my first dance song at 4:30

I’m Thankful For…

This lot right here..,