Saturday Snap – 3D Printed Business Card Holders

My branch has recently received one of two 3D Printers that RPL is rotating through our various branches.

We’ll have it until May 2017 or so but one of my staff has already caught the bug and printed a whole rainbow of business card holders for us…

Friday Fun Link – Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner

The Al Smith Dinner is an American political institution.  Since 1960, this fundraiser for underprivileged children put on by the Archdiocese of New York in memory of a former New York Governor and the first Catholic to run for President.

It usually features the two Presidential candidates in a humourous, roast-style environment which is usually their last face-to-face encounter, following the completion of the debates but before the election.

This year’s event happened to be scheduled for the day after the third and final debate and where the event is often a way for the candidates to show a lighter, more human side and that they’re ultimately respectful of each other as rivals, even in the midst of a hard fought election, in true Donald Trump style, “Cheeto Benito” managed to even light a dumpster fire at the dinner with his tone deaf jokes that led to him getting booed by the well-heeled crowd.


Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Dad, What’s a Video Store? (November 2009)

I never realised how the Netflix interface of rows of similar-themed movies mimics the layout of an old-fashioned video store.

(Also note, this was around Grey Cup time and Pace was sporting a Riders jacket *and* green hair!)

Eminem Releases “Campaign Speech”, A Song About The US Presidential Election

I have enjoyed the three Presidential debates bigly.

Some sharp person caught that Hillary wore a red pantsuit, a blue pantsuit and a white pantsuit in the three debates she participated in.

Eminem released a song.


2016 US Election Party Menu Suggestions

The debate is tomorrow night and the actual election is only three weeks away – get planning your Election Party Menu now!

Music Monday – “They’re lining up the prisoners and/The guards are taking aim/I struggled with some demons/They were middle-class and tame”

You Want It Darker” – Leonard Cohen

Sandos Caracol All-Inclusive Resort, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Sandos Caracol is the name of the resort we’ve booked for our hot holiday this winter.

We’re pretty excited – as one review I read online observed: “One of the best things about this resort is that it has all the things you’d normally pay extra for as excursions or at least for an extra fee at most resorts – cenotes and Mayan ruins and great snorkeling and a huge water park and a river cruise and bikes to ride around the resort and exotic animals to observe and much more.”

I mean, obviously we won’t know until we get there but this resort seems to have pretty much every single thing on my list of “Must Haves” for an all-inclusive (okay, we likely won’t get an ocean view room as we’re staying in the basic accommodation.  And some of the other things on my list may or may not be found at this resort – hard to know how good the food and bars and pools and beach are until you get there. But I’ll also get to knock one more thing off my “To Try” list – an all-inclusive resort with a full water park” which I know both kids will love!)

Saturday Snap – That’s Not How Shoes Work

Or is it?

Friday Fun Link – Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

After the announcement, some were in favour, some were against and some were  surprised.

As an English major, a music fan, a librarian and someone who’s worked in and still involved with book publishing, I have absolutely no issue with this choice – mostly because it means I got to see a Nobel Laureate in concert! 😉

Anyhow, here’s a collection of some of Bob Dylan’s best lyrics about reading, writing and books.

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Our Next Trip Is Booked

We’ve had a lot of trips in the interim but we haven’t been to Mexico since 2004.  But we’re about to correct that – we just booked our next winter trip!