Secular Sunday – How Secular Family Values Stack Up

Especially with what we’re seeing in the States with an alleged pedophile endorsing an accused rapist [edit: Kavanagh’s story is blowing up tonight with two new accusers coming forward and *way* worse allegations] who was picked by a serial adulterer (among Trump’s many other mortal sins) – all as part of the party of “family values” – it’s not surprising to hear that secular family values compare to religious ones just fine.

(And yes, I know I did a post a week ago about our daughter deciding to draw crosses on herself all of a sudden.  But I keep telling myself she’s practicing her letters and it’s actually a “t” or an “x”.) 😉


Saturday Snap – My Christmas List (on the First Day of Fall)

Yesterday was the first day of fall but much of Saskatchewan had already received a heavy snowfall and Regina got a sleety-snowy rain that didn’t stick around but definitely felt more like winter than fall.

There were other signs that it felt more like winter than fall as well.  When I turned on the “Flow” random music mix in my car right after taking the above picture, the first song it played was “The FIrst Noel” by Crash Test Dummies.

I have no idea how Deezer’s “Flow” algorithm works but suspect that, in part, it bases its playlists on what you’ve listened to a lot recently.  So coming out of summer, I’ve been hearing a lot of Americana, bro-country, and campfire-type music.  And usually, after December each year, it takes a few weeks to “cleanse the palate” and clear out the Christmas songs that have dominated my listening for the past month.  So again, short of Deezer somehow incorporating a check of my local weather forecast, I have no idea how a Christmas song popped up out of the blue like that!

Then, when we got home, Sasha and I got it into our heads that if it was snowing, that was a good justification for making our Christmas lists.  Hers was longer…

…but I think mine was more aspirational. 😉


Friday Fun Link – The Internet Is A Truly Amazing Place

This is a clip of a turtle having sex with a sneaker…


Throwback Thursday – Image Cable Installer (Summer 1991)

A bit of a different Throwback Thursday this week.

I recently posted about how death was a dark cloud this summer with a handful of people we know and/or were connected to having died.  Unfortunately, that trend has continued into September with my parents letting me know that the father of one of my best friends in high school died recently and then, yesterday, a school classmate who was the same age of me died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

(Here’s the weirdest thing I might ever have been proud of.  My friend whose father passed got lots of generic “Thoughts and prayers/You’re in my thoughts/My condolences”-type messages on his FB post about his father’s passing.  But I wanted to put a bit more into it so wrote about how much I remembered his dad from Katepwa Lake, hockey tournaments and how his dad was a big presence in so many of our group of friends’ lives.  I noticed my friend went through and hit “Like” on every comment people had left but mine was one of the only ones – possibly the only one – that he put a “Love” symbol beside.  Again, not why I did it but it was nice to see the extra effort I put into personalizing my condolence message was appreciated.)

Anyhow, I went to SaskObits, not expecting to see the obituary of the classmate who died is up yet (and it’s not.) But I did see one for somebody I’m pretty sure was the installer when I worked as a door-to-door salesman for a cable TV company the summer after I graduated from Grade 12 before I went to University (and that initial program in six larger towns around Saskatchewan was so successful, the company continued to employee me and various others in some of their other towns around Saskatchewan for the next few summers giving me reliable, good-paying, enjoyable summer work while I completed my undergrad degree.)

Garry was a great guy who gave me a lot of my basic training about the cable TV business.  I was 17 when I worked with him and he seemed so much older to have a job and a house and all kinds of other adult “stuff”.  But turns out he was only five years older than me and that makes it even sadder to see his obit and realise he’s yet another person taken in the prime of their life.

Minor Milestones While Recovering From Breaking The Scaphoid Bone In My Wrist

It’s weird how much we take having two working hands for granted.

Since breaking my wrist at the end of July, it’s been a series of minor milestones – from my first appointment with my family doctor a few days after the surgery where he changed my dressing on through things like being told I could take my splint off for short periods of time to wash my arm to slowly regaining movement in my hand (again, something as simple as touching your thumb to your various fingers normally doesn’t seem like that big of deal until you can no longer do it.  And forget about snapping your fingers or playing a barre chord on a guitar!)

Anyhow, I still have a ways to go (I’d estimate I’m at about 75% of where I was before my injury) but I had a good follow-up appointment with my surgeon the other week and he said he expects that I’ll get back to ~95% of prior use (which is good because Dr. Google kept telling me I’d be lucky to get to 75-80% and there was also a chance my broken scaphoid might die due to poor blood supply in that area!)

It’s also funny how you don’t normally go around comparing notes with people about how much metal they have in their bodies but since my injury (especially when I was wearing my splint which I’m only doing minimally now), many random people have told me all kinds of horror stories of their own, often much worse, accidents.

  • One person said she broke her leg when a group hug “fell over” and she ended up on the bottom of the pile.
  • One person said his wife broke both wrists in a bike fall and that “was a test of our marriage vows for sure.  I told her, if you don’t want to see what I’m doing to help you in the bathroom, you’ll have to close your eyes I guess!”
  • One person fell of a horse.
  • One person fell off a 17′ high scaffold.
  • One person broke multiple bones in a car accident.
  • One person got stomped on by an opposing player’s cleats in a soccer game.
  • One person had their thumb cut off in a woodworking accident and had to get wires and pins put in to hold everything together.
  • One person said that while being x-rayed for a new wrist injury, the doc said “At least this didn’t affect your earlier break which is still holding strong.” and the person realised they’d probably had some minor hairline break since childhood they never knew they had until that moment.

I guess that’s my final thought – how lucky we are to live in the age that we do where you can break a bone (or bones), go to a hospital, have an anesthesiologist put you under (and hopefully revive you!), have a surgeon insert a piece of metal into you (not much different than how you might re-affix a loose fence board in your backyard) then give you pain meds, antibiotics for any complications and prognosis for a (near) full recovery with (again, hopefully) minimal complications.

Not that long ago, if say my grandfather fell off a horse or my grandmother fell on some ice or whatever, a more likely course of action would be to wrap the injured limb up, ice it a bit and hope that it mostly healed on its own without too much loss of use.

I can’t wait to see what medicine leads to next (though I’d prefer not to be the patient in future either if I can help it!)

@MiaReefIsla Mia Reef Hotel, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This was one of the most unique hotels we saw during our visit to Mexico last March.

For example, while all beaches in Mexico are considered public property, this hotel is on an island of its own, connected to Isla Mujeres by a short bridge, which means that this is one of the few places in Mexico where you’re able to essentially enjoy a private beach!

It also has what is basically its own shallow lagoon as well as being only steps from the famous Playa Norte.

Music Monday – “Cause here on earth it feels like everything good is missing since you left/And here on earth everything thing’s different, there’s an emptiness”

Death was a dark cloud haunting our summer in a variety of ways.

In August, I lost a great aunt who lived in Weyburn at age 86.

Earlier in the summer, I drove up to Warman for the funeral of one of my favourite cousins who was only in his 50’s when cancer took his life.

He wasn’t someone I knew well but a family friend of both Shea’s and my parents died in August, only a month after we’d seen him at a fair in Shea’s hometown.

And, perhaps most shockingly, a young woman whose mother I worked with in my first post-MLIS job at Southeast Regional Library was hit by a train and died a few days later, just after her 17th birthday (and as her mother later shared in a viral post, the accident was because “My SMART, sensible, beautiful young lady was looking at her goddamn fucking phone.”)

The accident happened on a Thursday night and Shea and I passed the scene on our way to our campsite though we didn’t see the accident, only the large number of police cars at the scene, likely already beginning their investigation.  It wasn’t until I looked at Facebook the next morning that I learned who had been in the accident.

I didn’t know Kailynn personally though, as happens these days, I felt like I knew a bit about her from her mother’s social media posts.  In fact, there’s a chance I even interacted with Kailynn at the Weyburn Pharmasave where she had a part-time job and where our family stopped occasionally throughout the summer.

Anyhow, there was a celebration of Kailynn’s life on Sunday so I thought I’d post the video tribute that they showed at the ceremony…

Dancing in the Sky” – Dani & Lizzy

Mankind and Undertaker Discuss Their Iconic Hell in a Cell Match

WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” Pay Per View is tonight with multiple matches being held in the imposing, over-sized cage.

But twenty years ago, HiaC matches were much more rare and that made them much more special.

The third ever HiaC match between Undertaker and Mankind had not one, not two but three iconic spots (two involving falls from the top of the cage) that make this one of the best, most influential, most memorable matches of all-time (but was so extreme, it also created a backlash against increasingly dangerous “stunt” spots.)


Saturday Snap – I’m Not Sure What’s More Disturbing…

…the fact that Sasha’s recently taken to drawing crosses on her body or the fact that she’s using permanent marker to do it?

Friday Fun Link – Calgary Flames Start Season With Two Exhibition Games in China

Talk about a long road trip!