Ground Crew De-Ices a Frozen Plane

I couldn’t resist posting this…

Music Monday – “Who really needs a gift/When love is meant to give/I can still recall/Carry with me always/Every Christmas dream/They live in you and me”

Something About December” – Christina Perri

Saturday Snap – Capes and Costumes

Halloween was over a month ago but these kids don’t seem to know it…

Friday Fun Link – Happy Black Friday!

All-Time Black Friday Death & Injury Count.

Also this…



Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Moving A House Off The Farm Into Weyburn (Fall 2005)

It was about ten years ago that Shea’s parents picked their house up off the farm in Creelman, SK and moved it in to a lot in Weyburn.

Pretty amazing thing to have witnessed…


One Month ‘Til Christmas!

May your resident librarian recommend a book to help you pass the next few weeks?

Bryan Trottier: A Letter To My Younger Self

This is a great article by one of my favourite NHL players of all-time on one of my two favourite teams – from the anecdotes about not just playing pond hockey in rural Saskatchewan but his dad clearing a beaver dam to make it happen to the leadership lessons of “Badger” Bob Johnson with his relentless good spirit and positivity…

Your coach in Pittsburgh will be “Badger” Bob Johnson. Appreciate this man, because your time with him will be cut prematurely short. He’ll be the most positive human being you’ll ever meet. He will make you realize, perhaps for the first time, that you’re playing a kid’s game for a living. That every day at the rink is a good day, no matter what.

You’ll lose a game 7-1, and Badger will come into the locker room and say, “Well boys, eight goals tonight. But we scored the prettiest one. See you at practice tomorrow.”

First thing the next morning, he’ll say to Kevin Stevens, “Kev! You’re an animal! I wanna hear you roar like a lion!”

And Kevin will roar like a lion.

…to Trottier’s take on the infamous trash talk incident with Brian Bellows.

Music Monday – “So let’s open up a bottle of whiskey/And make a toast to better days/Then I’ll crank out a tune and by the light of the moon/I will dance on Stephen Harper’s Grave.

Hard to believe the election was a month ago already.  I had this one bookmarked to post on Election Night but got caught up live blogging the election instead.

But now’s just as good as then!

“Stephen Harper’s Grave” – John Muller

Saturday Snap – Christmas Tree Update

We’ve had a blue and silver themed tree since we lived in Calgary when those colours fit into our condo’s young hip colour scheme.

Now that we’re older and more mature, we thought it was finally time to change to a warmer colour scheme that better matched the colours in our home (also decorations were half off after Christmas last year and we finally decided to buy some new ones!)

Friday Fun Link – WWE’s Luke Harper Previously Worked As School Librarian

This is pretty funny when you think about it.

Yep, this guy…

Also this story…

Harper was a librarian while working on the indies. He told a story how he was busted open in a cage match with Cesaro, couldn’t really stop the bleeding and had to wear a hat during work the next Monday morning.