Music Monday – “Here is where I feel it/Funny how it’s/Funny how it’s here.”

Congrats to Ryan Meili on winning the SK NDP nomination to be the candidate for Saskatoon-Meewasin last night.

Here’s a video I made seven (!) years ago when he was running in a different race…

“Canadian Skye” – Spirit of the West

So Here We Are: Donald Trump Is Officially The President

Colbert also revived his long-lost alter-ego as “Stephen Colbert, Conservative Pundit” for a touching farewell tribute to Obama…

Saturday Snap – Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Friday Fun Link – The Emperor Has No Clothes

Inauguration Day is usually a happy, exciting one but not this year…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – The Best Haircut Ever?

When I was working for the Writers Guild of Alberta, we ended up getting into a “Who has the worst (and therefore best!) ID photo?” discussion during one pub night.

A young writer I knew pulled out his student ID (which, tellingly, he still carried even though he was no longer a student) and I knew I’d probably never see anything as glorious ever again.

I was so taken by his ID photo, I often asked to see it again during boring meetings or in the middle of writing groups, just to lift my spirits.

Because of this, when I had my farewell party a couple years later, Stuart presented me with a framed blown-up image of his ID!

Still one of my favourite gifts of all-time…


Seven Political Predictions for 2017-2020

  1. Donald Trump will be impeached within a year.
  2. Andrew Scheer will win the PC Leadership.
  3. Jagmeet Singh will win the leadership of the Federal NDP
  4. Justin Trudeau will have a major corruption scandal.
  5. Rachel Notley will win re-election in Alberta
  6. Brad Wall will resign before the next Saskatchewan election.
  7. Michelle Obama will go back on her long-stated opposition to running for President and begin laying the groundwork in the next year or two for a Presidential run in 2020.

Do You Live in the Saskatoon-Meewasin Constituency? #skpoli

Ryan Meili, a guy you might have heard of on this blog once or twice before, is running to become the Saskatchewan NDP’s candidate for the Saskatoon-Meewasin riding in an upcoming by-election.

The nomination meeting is next Monday night.

If you live in the constituency and think that Saskatchewan’s heading in the wrong direction under Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party, I would strongly encourage you to visit Ryan’s website to get more information and let his campaign know you can attend the meeting and will be supporting Ryan.


Music Monday – “What do you want your world to look like?/What do you want it to be?/Do you know that a wall has two sides?/And nobody is free?”

Less than a week until Donald Trump is President of the United States.  (How surreal is that sentence?)

I’m not a big “trigger warning/NSFW” guy but this video might not be for everyone. Let the resistance begin…

Make America Great Again” – Pussy Riot

Kitchener Public Library Has Social Worker Patrons Can “Borrow”

I’ve been watching the growth of social workers in libraries with great interest.

I think the first I heard of the idea was when San Francisco Public Library got one.  Now it’s spreading to other urban centres across the US and Canada – Winnipeg, Edmonton, Thunder Bay are just a sample of some Canadian libraries where this idea has been implemented.

(Something I hadn’t come across before researching this post but which also makes sense is that some libraries are also adding Public Health Nurses to their staff complements as well.)

Today, I see that Kitchener Ontario has become the latest public library to have a social worker available to provide those specialized skills and knowledge that library staff simply don’t have though they try their best:

Even in the absence of such formal programs, librarians often feel they must help users find shelter, food, and other public services, as more and more people seem to fall between the cracks. Partly, this is because they get to know patrons, especially those who come in on a regular basis.

I can’t see too many downsides for everyone involved – although libraries value their role as an open and accessible space for all citizens, they also aren’t meant to act as daytime homeless shelters.  So having a social worker on staff helps disadvantaged patrons to get the external supports they need, it reduces the need for library staff to act as quasi-social workers, it makes for a more comfortable and inviting space for other patrons who are using the library if they encounter fewer people who are using the library as a homeless shelter/shower stall/self-injection site because they’re being directed to other agencies better suited to provide those services.

I’m not even at RPL’s Central Library but I have a long list of interactions where I’ve felt more like a social worker than a librarian at my branch – trying my best to help patrons who are homeless and/or addicted and/or mentally ill and/or dealing with all other manner of personal issues.

Honestly, in some ways, it’s a part of the job I enjoy the most.  But at the same time, I often feel like I’m “making it up as a I go along” since I don’t have the in-depth formal training that would likely result in better overall outcomes for so many of the people I interact with regularly who would benefit from the knowledge and guidance of a professional social worker.

Saturday Snap – Sometimes I Have A Pretty Cool Job #LibraryAsCommunityLivingRoom

Like getting to teach one of our young regulars how to play chess with the oversized chess board that my branch recently borrowed from Central library.

Then after seeing how quickly he picked up the game, watching as he went on to teach a few of our other young regulars over the past couple days.