Shea and I have been married for over a decade…

… I thought this long- unopened tub in the basement needed updating!

Music Monday – “If you aren’t real/Then all my prayers aren’t worth a cent/That would mean I can just make up/What my purpose in life is”

Atheistic rap songs?  Yes, please…

Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” – Hopsin

Journey to the Grey Cup

A TSN documentary about the Roughriders journey to the 2013 Grey Cup.

Saturday Snap – Ca$h Money

Pace looked rather “gangsta” on the way to the bank to deposit a bunch of money we’d accumulated as people paid us for fishing trips, birthday gifts, garage sale items and a few other things recently.

Friday Fun Link – How A Password Changed My Life

Inspiring way to reinforce messages you want to communicate to yourself.

Throwback Thursday – RPL Outreach Unit “Book Club for the Blind & Visually Impaired”

It was a highlight of my young career as a librarian to get to spend a year and a half working in RPL’s Outreach Unit serving visually impaired, homebound, and other special needs patrons across Regina.

Here’s a pic I snapped when our monthly book club (the group listened to audio books but otherwise operated like any other book club you’ve heard of) was meeting in a back corner of the library.

(Normally the group met in the Outreach Unit but I think had to be bumped because we were in the midst of a big makeover in the Outreach Unit, ironically to ultimately make it more open, accessible and welcoming!)

Five Things You Don’t Want To See When You Take Your Kids To The Splash Park

5. Your son saying “Hey dad, try to keep this bottle standing up!” then looking over to see he’s left his bottle of root beer standing precariously on the edge of the picnic blanket without a lid.  (Needless to say, it didn’t stay standing up.)

4. Your daughter wandering into the running water of the various splash pad nozzles with half the sandwich you brought for a picnic lunch, clutched tightly in her hand.

3.  Your son pushing the button on one of the strongest spray nozzles right after saying “Hey dad, come stand here!”

2.  Your daughter falling on her butt as she slips down the small incline on the side of the splash pad.

1. Your daughter’s legs in the air after she does a face plant into a pebbled culvert which drains the water away from the splash pad. (Seriously, who designed this splash pad?  A hospital supplies salesman?)

I saw all of the above things tonight.  Luckily, Sasha’s worst injury is a goose egg on her forehead and a small scratch on her nose instead of anything worse!

Sure, Let’s Just Close The Libraries and Get Everyone A “Kindle Unlimited” Subscription

I’m seeing lots of discussion (and some hand-wringing) about the threat to libraries after Amazon announces the “Kindle Unlimited” plan which gives you access to 600,000 e-books plus thousands of audiobooks for a Netflix-like $9.99/month subscription.

Librarians and other defenders of open access and the public library were quick to respond:

I mean, if this unlimited Kindle subscription can not only lend us books, but provide safe places for our kids, educate us, help close the digital divide, provide specialized research assistance, help us in natural disasters, find us jobs, help the homeless population AND lend us free Kindles, then, well damn. I, for one, welcome our Amazon overlords.

Others point out that this may not be a boon for either readers OR authors that Amazon is making it out to be, especially if you’re a self-published author (which makes up a huge amount of Amazon content.)

Fortunately (?) Amazon Unlimited is not available in Canada…yet.

More interesting discussion as always at MetaFilter.

Music Monday – “Say you got an “I”,”T” Followed by apostrophe “s”/Now what does that mean?/You would not use “it’s” in this case/As a possessive/It’s a contraction”

“Weird Al” Yankovic is pretty much the perfect musician for the Internet age – nerdy mash-up specialist who  is no stranger to controversy.  So the fact that his latest album has a song about Internet grammar is pretty much perfection (and guaranteed to go viral)…

Word Crimes” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

Saturday Snap – New Bunk Beds in Our Garage?

Grandpa Dennis built us some new shelving for our garage.

Once we got it in place, Pace and his buddy from down the street, Jeffrey, decided that the shelves would actually work better as bunk beds.

They even convinced Grandpa to try them out!