Gone Camping (Again)…

I’m really enjoying every time I get to post this photo…

Made with chocolate covered hob-nob cookie!

Saturday Snap – Helping Mom Make Saskatoon Tarts

Her main job is “sampling”…

Friday Fun Link – Funny Shades of Grey

Shea and I may or may not have recently subjected ourselves to one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

We probably should’ve just watched the (honest) trailer and/or some video reviews. Make sure you watch the “Elders React” one – it’s hilarious!

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – BA – English

Often when I’m out at the University of Regina, I’ll wander the halls of the ol’ alma mater to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.

In a very “Dead Poet’s Society” moment, I came across my photo on the wall during a visit a few years back.  Look at that young whippersnapper, all edjamacated and ready to take on the world!

Music Monday (on a Wednesday) – “Older” – They Might Be Giants

We got home Monday which would’ve made it perfect to post this as my weekly Music Monday video.

But instead, I somehow thought it was Tuesday so I didn’t bother even bother.  I’m posting it now with belated thanks to the person who posted it on my Facebook wall…

Google Maps Street View Player – Pike Lake to Outlook

Inspired by the first portion of our route home today – from Pike Lake Provincial Park half an hour south of Saskatoon where we spent the weekend camping on to the Outlook Regional Park where we stopped for lunch – I found a web site that allows you to “drive” between two locations using Google Street View images.

Very handy for previewing (or remembering) your travels!

Gone Camping (again)

Posts will likely be few and far between until next week…

Made with chocolate covered hob-nob cookie!

National Geographic MegaFactories: Coca-Cola

It always boggles my mind that human beings are able to design something so intricate and precise yet massive and overwhelming at the same time…

Sasha’s Sick

Sad little one…


Music Monday – “And I know that I gotta be above it now”

Be Above It” – Tame Impala