Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Ever Wanna Live in a Castle?

Shea and I kinda did when you look at the design of the Valhalla View condos we bought a unit in while we lived in Calgary in the early 2000’s.

It was a pretty cool, executive-style condo in an awesome location close to “The Red Mile“.

Ours was a unit on the left side of the picture below.  Being on the third floor, we had a balcony with a great view of the city skyline (we could even lay in our bedroom and look out at the downtown skyline as well!)

Winter Sucks.

Pace’s Joke

Pace shared this with us at supper tonight:

“What did the number 2 say to the number 7 when he did something weird?”

“I think you’re odd.”

Love to hear him playing with language and also seeing his sense of humour develop!

Music Monday – “Now when she’s talking to you/Make sure you listen close/Cause she’s gonna teach everything you’ll ever need to know Like how to mind your manners to love and laugh and dream/And she’ll put you on the path/That’ll bring you back to me”

Shea’s lifelong friend, maid of honour, and guardian to Pace and Sasha, had her third baby last night.

After having two boys, we were happy to hear that a baby girl, Abby, had joined their family – not least because we can pass along a bunch of clothes and other Sasha goodies to them!  ;-)

Garth Brooks is making a big comeback (biggest tour ever?  iTunes killing web site?) and here’s a song that, even with all the over-the-top religious stuff, still pulls on the heartstrings and is quite fitting with today’s happy (hAbby?) news…


19 Unbelievably Laughable Book Fails

Some funny stuff.

Saturday Snap – File Under “Other”

Management is having staff at my library do a week-long “Activity Assessment” project where all staff have to record what they’re doing every five minutes of their shifts.

Now if I could just figure out where “Boost Patron’s Truck” is on their report form?  ;-) 

Friday Fun Link – The World’s Most Contagious MythConceptions

These are 52 wildly held beliefs that also happen to be completely wrong.

How many did you think were true?  (I’ll admit that I thought about a dozen of these were true – I’m just not going to admit which ones!)

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – First Pic on Shea’s New iPhone 6+

Not going back very far with this one, maybe a week or so?

We Live On An Amazing Planet

Yes, we do.

Happy Singles Day!

Originally started by Chinese university students as an anti-Valentines Day where single people were encouraged to buy themselves gifts, “Singles Day” on November 11 (11/11) has exploded in popularity over the past five years to become China’s equivalent of Black Friday with their Amazon/eBay clone, Alibaba, leading the charge.

I heard about it last year but forgot about it until I hit Alibaba’s small order specialty store, AliExpress, looking for cheap chargers for Shea’s new iPhone 6. Most items on the site were 15-50% off for Singles Day and they also offered a further 10% if you ordered $100 worth of stuff.

So a few toys and trinkets later, I’ve got a head start on my Christmas shopping, a weird connection to a unique holiday in a foreign culture, and a nagging sense of guilt at promoting globalization/Chinese totalitarianism/junk culture.

[Edit: Here’s an interesting recap from AliExpress.]