Throwback Thursday – Waterslide Splash (January 2013)

Who goes to Winnipeg for a family holiday in the middle of winter?  My and Shea’s families – that’s who!

Luckily we pretty much stayed in our poolside room for the weekend and only went out for booze, supper one night and a trip to the Forks on our final day there when it had warmed to a balmy -25.

(My joke was that it was -39 in Winnipeg and -41 in Regina so this was still technically a “hot holiday”!)

MetaFilter on the First Presidential Debate

MetaFilter’s been having ongoing mega-threads every few days for MeFites to discuss the election.  They started the latest one for Monday night’s debate.

Music Tuesday – “Going to the candidate’s debate/Laugh about it, Shout about it/When you’ve got to choose/Every way you look at it, you lose.”

I didn’t a Music Monday song yesterday since I was too excited about making a snarky Donald Trump post.  But how can I not post this?

Mrs. Robinson” – Simon & Garfunkel

Ten Things I Wouldn’t Be Surprised To Hear @realdonaldtrump Say at Tonight’s #debates #debatetonight

  1. “I’m going to reveal the truth of the biggest conspiracy in political history right now.  Hillary Clinton asked me to run because she thought I could help her undermine the Republican Party.  But she didn’t know I was a winner and now I’m going to win!”
  2. “America needs to elect someone who has balls.”
  3. “Blah, blah blah.  Are you done, professor?”
  4. “Electing women and black people is political correctness run amok.”
  5. “I always tell the truth. Hillary Clinton lies every time she opens her mouth.”
  6. “She came to my wedding.  I know how the system works better than anyone because I’ve been buying politicians forever.  I bought her but no one will buy me.”
  7. “Melania will be a hot First Lady.  Bill will be a disgusting slob of a First Lady.”
  8. “On day one, I’ll pass a law to deport treasonous people who threaten US national security like Secretary Clinton did.”
  9. “If anyone watching this says “debate” during their next visit to a Trump property, they’ll receive a 10% discount on their entire stay.”
  10. “Monica.”

It’s scary that some of these are jokes and some these are semi-serious and it’s hard to tell the difference!

Secular Sunday – Ricky Gervais Destroys Religion in Interview

Honestly, how does anyone believe in god after you think about it for like, seven seconds?

Saturday Snap – Uncle Jason!

Here’s my new nephew and I hanging out.

His name is Hayz and his face is “Purple Hayz”! 😉

Friday Fun Link – Dancing at the end of @officialRPL 50th Anniversary “Retro” Party

After originally being posted by Shea to Facebook (which means I have plausible deniablility but also that not everyone could view it since she didn’t make it public), this video has taken on a bit of legendary status.

I’m getting all these cryptic e-mails from other people at RPL (and even beyond) that say “Hey, I heard there was a video you guys dancing?” and “What’s this about a weird video?”  (I especially love the comment from an Alberta-based author who saw it after someone shared it on Facebook and was impressed that we manage to help a patron, even as we’re dancing!)

Anyhow, here it is in all its crazy glory…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Crunching Leaves (September 2010)

The Breakfast Club Cast as Social Media Sites

I always did identify with Brian right down to having a very shitty experience in shop class (er, if anybody hasn’t seen the movie, Brian’s the character on the far left, not the far right!) 😉

North Korea Accidentally Makes Some of Its Restricted Web Sites Available Worldwide

In most professions, you try to learn all you can about a single area.  One of the coolest things about librarians/librarianship is that it’s a profession where you benefit from knowing a little bit about a lot of things.

This story combines a few of my many varied interests – the Internet, North Korea, propaganda, international politics, hacking, web design among other things.

North Korea has TWENTY-EIGHT web sites.  I’ve probably built that many web sites in my life!