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One Legged Former Wrestler, Zach Gowen, Kicks Ass on American Ninja Warrior

I remember watching Zach Gowen during his run in the WWE and being as impressed with his mental approach to life as his physical approach. He’s no longer in the WWE but he’s still showing how he can overcome obstacles using a combination of physical and mental toughness. Pretty amazing!

Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay Full Match

This match from New Japan Pro Wrestling is getting a lot of attention, positive and negative. Some are saying the match’s focus on the gymnastics and “flippy shit” takes away from the suspension of disbelief at the heart of all pro wrestling matches. Others (including one of the match participants) are defending it as one […]

“This Is Awesome!” – 2015’s Best Wrestling Moves

Stitching the Gimmick: A Short Documentary

The unsung behind-the-scenes people (music composers, video editors, etc.) help make pro wrestling what it is. Here is a documentary about a seamstress who makes some of the wrestlers’ elaborate costumes… Stitching The Gimmick | Documentary Short from Taylor Ellis on Vimeo.