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Saturday Snap – Christmas Tree Update

We’ve had a blue and silver themed tree since we lived in Calgary when those colours fit into our condo’s young hip colour scheme. 😉 Now that we’re older and more mature, we thought it was finally time to change to a warmer colour scheme that better matched the colours in our home (also decorations were […]

Saturday Snap – Halloween Family

Last weekend in Medicine Hat…

Music Monday – “I know this isn’t what you planned for me/Mothers have hopes for their sons/Along with the shame/I have brought to the family/All I feel is the weight of the gun”

“Weight of a Gun” – Corb Lund Band

Fan-Made Stanley Cup Closing Montage

CBC used to do great montages during every game of the Stanley Cup Finals as well as after the series was over.  Apparently they let the montage guy” go when they struck a deal to partner with Sportsnet but luckily a fan has taken up the challenge… (Also disappointed they didn’t do the “State Your […]

Rookie Calgary MLA Is Early Victim of the “Human Search Engine”

An engaging article about the ability of humans, rather than machines (eg. regular Google searches), to track down and then amplify interesting or especially incriminating finds. I have been trying to help introduce the concept of “human search engine” (actually “human flesh search engine” in the original Chinese) to the English-language discourse: it arose a few […]

Flames Lose To Ducks And Are Out of #StanleyCup Playoffs To End Cinderella Season

As the NHL season came to a close, I kept telling myself that if they could just make the playoffs, that was more than anyone expected of the Flames this season.  And they did that. Then I just wanted to beat their arch-rival Canucks in the first round.  And they did that. Then I just […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Calgary Fire Department

The Calgary Flames have been using a Calgary Fire Department helmet for players to pick the “unsung hero of the game” after each victory for the past couple seasons. I don’t have a picture of Pace wearing a CFD helmet but I do have a pic of him checking out a fire truck courtesy of my […]

Yeah Baby! #Flames Eliminate The Canucks to Move To Round Two of #StanleyCup Playoffs

In 2004, I attended the Alberta Book Awards on the same evening as game six of the Canucks-Flames first round playoff series. As one of the event organizers, I kept providing updates on the score to the MC who relayed them to the partisan crowd (oh, those not-that-long-ago days before everyone had a smartphone in […]

Calgary’s Michael Ferland Is An Amazing Story #nhl #flames #yyc #stanleycup

Perhaps the most dominate player in the Flames-Canucks series so far, Michael Ferland has an amazing back story as well. “It’s just great,” Hartley said. “We had a great meeting one-on-one a year ago in my office. That’s where it started. I watch those guys like a mother hawk … he opened up and we […]

50 Reasons This Has Been The Most Enjoyable Season of #NHL Hockey I’ve Watched In My Life #flames #yyc

Like many Canadians, I’ve always been a huge hockey fan.  I’ve got the requisite pictures of myself around three years old playing hockey against my grandma’s legs as she sits on the couch, I was one of those kids who could name every player on every team plus their hometowns, stats, and shooting hand. But […]