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Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Awesome Parkour

Pace thought I should take a break from my election posts to share this awesome parkour video…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Paul McCartney Concert in #yqr (Aug 14, 2013)

Two years since the best concert of my life…     And of course, in this day and age, somebody appears to have uploaded the entire concert, from start to finish, to YouTube! ¬†(If I’d know that, I could’ve saved 250 clams on my ticket!) ūüėČ    

Awesome Bike Jumps in Slow Motion

As mentioned in Sunday’s post about our recent camping highlights, here’s a video clip Pace basically compiled himself after I showed him the basics of using iMovie. ¬†This includes adding sound effects, visual effects, trimming some of the clips, duplicating others and more. If you happen to have a Google/YouTube account, feel free to “Like” […]

Happy First Birthday Sasha Basha!

Hard to believe it’s been a year since a very important milestone in my life. Yes, it’s exactly one year ago today that I got my Most Liked post ever on Facebook! ¬†(I posted a picture of Sasha immediately after she was born in the delivery room. ¬†Okay, not *immediately* after she was born!) When […]

The Dangers of Vertical Video Syndrome

I, too, used to do this… …until I realised there was a better way. For the love of Dog, people, turn your camera phones sideways!

Friday Fun Link – How Much Did It Cost Google To Stream “Gangnam Style” 600 Million Times? Did They Make a Profit?

[Edit: This video is now poised to be the first YouTube clip to reach 1 billion views, amazingly in less than six months!] [Edit2: Some further analysis of the revenue Gangnam created.] “Gangnam Style”, a quirky Korean pop song with a very “uniquely” stylish video is the second most watched clip in the history of […]

Friday Fun Link – The Internet Galaxy

A web developer has created a map of the 350 000 largest sites on the Internet reflecting their relative size and also their relationships with each other. (via MetaFilter)

Music Monday – “Trying to keep up with you/And I don’t know if I can do it/Oh no I’ve said too much/I haven’t said enough”

I’ll send this one out to my cousin…

Social Media Olympics

The Universal: Television, The Internet and the End of Space & Time (PDF w/ Speaking Notes) from headtale When I did my favourite presentation ever in library school where I looked at the future of broadcasting in a Media Studies course on the History of Communication, I may have made one mistake. At the time, […]