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The Amazing iPad Magician


Check Out This Awesome YouTube Channel

This is my ultimate favourite YouTube Channel. (This is not my son’s YouTube Channel and he is not dictating this blog post.) Feel free to Like, Share and Subscribe!  

Top 15 Mannequin Challenges

This is the latest trend for all the kids. That’s cool and all but as a big Beatles fan, I’m especially excited that the song in the background is apparently called “Black Beatles“! 😉

Friday Fun Link – How To Be Canadian

Happy Canada Day, eh?

Friday Fun Link – Daddy and Baby Dubsmashing

A stay-at-home dad used a popular app to send his wife videos about how things were going at home. Here’s a mash-up of the results…

Saturday Song – “Power to Devour All Who Are Sour”

I think it’s important to note that neither Pace nor Sasha have had a single music lesson in their lives and yet came up with this entire song (and title) completely by themselves tonight…

Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Awesome Parkour

Pace thought I should take a break from my election posts to share this awesome parkour video…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Paul McCartney Concert in #yqr (Aug 14, 2013)

Two years since the best concert of my life…     And of course, in this day and age, somebody appears to have uploaded the entire concert, from start to finish, to YouTube!  (If I’d know that, I could’ve saved 250 clams on my ticket!) 😉    

Awesome Bike Jumps in Slow Motion

As mentioned in Sunday’s post about our recent camping highlights, here’s a video clip Pace basically compiled himself after I showed him the basics of using iMovie.  This includes adding sound effects, visual effects, trimming some of the clips, duplicating others and more. If you happen to have a Google/YouTube account, feel free to “Like” […]