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Friday Fun Link – A Very Special Tattoo

As I mentioned yesterday in my random thoughts about the McCartney concert post, one of the things I learned in advance of the show is that McCartney often picks out someone holding a sign in the front rows and brings them on stage to meet them or accept the gift they’ve brought or whatever. Regina […]

Random Thoughts on the @PaulMcCartney #outthere Concert in #yqr

It’s weird being a blogger sometimes because it affects how you think about things (there are theories that social media sites like Facebook have the same effect where you can’t just enjoy experiences because you’re always thinking how to spin them/frame them/present them to your online audience.) With that in mind, I’ll admit that I […]

The @PaulMcCartney #outthere #yqr Concert Is Here!!!

I honestly don’t know what else I can write about the big Paul McCartney concert tonight in Regina. Yes, it’s only one former Beatle but for me, this is not just a Paul McCartney show (which would be fine in and of itself) but this is also the closest I’ll ever get to a Beatles […]

*Updated* 10 Possible Reasons (and One *Real* Reason) The @paulmccartney #outthere Tour in #yqr isn’t “sold out”

So after pushing my post from a couple days ago about the upcoming Paul McCartney concert out to Twitter and mentioning in passing a couple reasons why the show in Regina might not have sold out, I ended up getting a call from Shanelle Kaul, a reporter for Global Regina who wanted to interview me […]

Music Monday – “I’ll do anything for you /Anything you want me to/If you’ll be true to me”

Wasn’t sure what else I could write/post about Paul McCartney in advance of the big show on Wednesday so decided it might be fitting to go back to one of the first songs McCartney ever wrote and recorded (uniquely co-credited to George Harrison instead of the usual Lennon-McCartney)

@paulmccartney in #yqr (and #ywg) Fan Guide #regina #winnipeg #outthere #macca #beatles #excited #onceinalifetime

Going to see Paul McCartney in Winnipeg on Monday or Regina on Wednesday night? Here are some useful resources (with a Regina bias as that’s where I’m located)… Local News & Info TicketMaster’s Paul McCartney – Regina FAQ (PDF) City of Regina Traffic & Construction Notices regarding the concert “McCartney’s First Regina Concert Sure To Be Memorable” […]

Music Monday – “It was twenty years ago today” (and it will be again in a week from now!)

A week and a bit from now I will be seeing Paul McCartney in concert. This is a great warm-up for the man’s musical genius… Let’s hope there’s not a repeat of his experience in Brazil during this tour (although a plaque of grasshoppers definitely *isn’t* out of the question in Saskatchewan! It’s amazing (er, […]

The #skndpldr Analogy Game

Murray Mandryk’s most recent column characterized the various candidate launches as a chance for reach to engage in an animalistic display of strength and virility. Since we’re having fun with analogies, I thought I’d do Mandryk one better by coming up with analogies for, not only the launches, but each of the candidates as well! […]

If The Beatles Were Less Subtle

If you’re a big Beatles fan and know the stories behind what inspired many of their songs, you’ll get lots of laughs out of these re-imagined titles. Some examples: Cheer the Fuck Up, Julian (Hey Jude) Please Please Just Give Me A Blowjob (Please Please Me) A bunch of weird shit because we want people […]

Music Monday – “Come together/Right now/Over Me”

While Justin Bieber and especially Cee-Lo Brown were “interpreting” Beatles songs on New Year’s Eve for a TV audience of millions, three music legends – Steve Tyler, Alice Cooper and “Weird” Al Yankovic – teamed at a charity fundraiser in Maui to perform in front of a small crowd (filled entirely of people with camera […]