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Analyzing The December #skndpldr Fundraising Numbers With Hours Left Until The January Donation Deadline #skpoli

Ryan Meili is far ahead of any candidate in either race in terms of number of individuals donating to his campaign, he is currently out-fundraising his NDP opponent, and he is also the *only* leadership candidate in either race not accepting corporate or union donations. For that reason, he has to rely solely on donations […]

The @NHLFlames Are Winning a 2-2 Game Against @GoldenKnights #SayWhat #nhl #espnhky #NewMeaningForCoachesChallenge

[Edit: Dammit!  Literally two minutes after I hit “Post”, the Knights scored two goals ten seconds apart and my ha-ha funny joke about them being so good they even tie games they’re actually losing due to an ESPN typo is meaningless.  And now, as I’m typing they’ve now scored an empty netter – 4-2 Knights […]

Music Monday – “Down through Durango, Colima, Almiera/Then in the Manzanillo/Where I slept in the sunshine on the seashores of old Mexico”

Less than a month to Mexico… (And it’s like a time machine working through the versions of this song – from the original Hank Snow to the 80’s era Haggard-Willie duet to the more modern George Straight version with a video shot in Tulum – aka the only place that I have ever got really […]

10 Random Thoughts on @scottmoeSK Becoming New #skpoli Premier

Of all the hardcore political junkies I know/follow on Twitter/Facebook/elsewhere, I honestly don’t remember anyone picking Moe to win.  I would say about 60% picked Chevy, 30% picked Koch (including me) and 10% picked Wyant. True, that might also be because Moe doesn’t seem very memorable in general (I heard him described as “where charisma […]

On #FamilyLiteracyDay, Here’s My Endorsement of @ryanmeili – The Next Leader of @sask_ndp #skpoli #yqr #yxe

In the current Sask NDP leadership race, you’ll see lots of endorsements from many of the high profile people you’d expect to hear from – current and former MPs and MLA’s, grassroots and labour activists, young leaders and lifetime members. I’d like to talk to you from a different perspective – as a working librarian […]

Friday Fun Links – @ryanmeili In Review: A #skndpldr A Decade in the Making? #skpoli

I first got seriously involved with the Sask NDP after Ryan Meili announced as a candidate in the party’s 2009 Leadership contest. For that reason, I thought it might be useful for anyone reading this who is just getting involved with the Sask NDP now because of Ryan (or his opponent or simply because they’re […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – One Month (and A Couple Days) Until Mexico (February 2017)

Here’s a few random pics from our trip last year…

“The Only Thing We Know Is That We Don’t Know Anything” – A Thought Experiment as @ryanmeili runs for #skndpldr for 3rd time and @wotherspoont for the 2nd time #skpoli

So Shea and I went to the Sask NDP Leader’s debate in Regina a week ago tonight and, having supported Ryan since he first ran for the party leadership in 2009, I’ve now been to quite a few of these things – debates but also conventions and numerous other NDP events – over the years. […]

Mo Money, Mo Kittens

In the 2009 and 2013 Sask NDP leadership races, I was *very* opinionated and that often left me at cross-purposes, as an active member of Ryan’s team but also as a  blogger/Facebooker/Tweeter with my own thoughts, opinions and ego who didn’t mind getting into discussions and sharing my observations – respectful, heated or otherwise – […]

Music Monday – “Here’s where I feel it/Funny how it’s, funny how it’s here/Where I feel it/Funny how it’s, funny how it’s here” #skpoli @ryanmeili

A poll released today showed Ryan Meili has 63% support among decided voters compared to 38% support for Trent Wotherspoon. That means Meili might well be on his way to facing off against Ken Cheveldayoff in a battle of newly elected leaders of Saskatchewan’s two major political parties? (Did you catch the subtle face-off reference?) Of […]