Saturday Snap – Terrible Twos Have Definitely Become The Trying Threes

Sasha’s making the most of being three these days.  In the last few weeks, she’s…

  • Poured KD noodles and cheese powder on the floor of her bedroom (I think she also poured some powder in her sock drawer for good measure)
  • Cannot go into the bathroom without playing with everything in her mom’s make-up drawer.  (When questioned why she does this, said she wants to “plump up my lips”)
  • Was caught dipping toilet paper into the toilet she’d just peed in so she could “wet wipe” herself
  • Regularly gets food or drinks (granola bars, juice boxes, etc.) out of the cupboard or fridge, has one bite/sip, then leaves them.
  • We actually put the door knob handle that prevents toddlers from getting into cupboards *back* on our pantry door.  She promptly ripped it in two in a She-Hulk burst of anger!
  • Spilled a whole box of spaghetti that she got out of the pantry in our hallway floor
  • Regularly does all the usual stunts kids do at bedtime – “I need to pee”, “I need a drink of water”, “I need the hall light on”, “I need the hall light off”, “I need my dolly”, “I need a Kleenex”, etc.
  • Hid my slipper in one of our kitchen cupboards.  When I asked her why she did that, she said “For an Easter Egg hunt!” (It’s three weeks to Halloween.)  Oh, and as part of the Easter Egg Hunt, I found out the hard way that she’s shoved a Lego figure deep into the toe of the slipper!
  • After stopping at McDonald’s for a treat after swimming recently, she was carrying on.  When her mom tried to tell her to behave, she threw her arms up and yelled “Welcome to my circus!”

(The scariest part is another parent once warned us: “Terrible twos and trying threes are nothing – wait until they hit the fucking fours!”) 😉

KD Five Second Rule

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