Friday Fun Link – What The World’s Biggest Sites Looked Like At Launch

This is pretty interesting featuring screenshots of the original version of sites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.

For comparison’s sake, here’s what my very first web page looked like in December 1998 (this isn’t the first page I ever made but the earliest I could find in the Wayback Machine).  




Crazy to think that the first version of Google and the first version of my home page were basically at the same level of web design! 😉

Also cool to think about how the name “HeadTale” has followed me around for nearly twenty years – I originally came up with it to describe a web design company I had as a pun on a few different things – Indian Head where I was from, head as in “brain/thinking”, flipping a coin which is how I saw this business venture, Tale as in telling stories/being an English major.

It’s turned out to be useful to have a single handle that I have been able to register on pretty much every site that’s come along since then, pretty much knowing that the name will be available and my online “persona” where ever I go.

I’ve even tried to get Pace to come up with something similar but I don’t know if “SpacemanHalo”, named in part after a popular current video game he likes, will be quite as timeless!  But maybe it can also be read as a philosophical medication on the meeting of science and religion?  Or something…

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