Saturday Snap – Good-bye Old Friend

Our car got smushed in a hit and run while parked on the street in front our house late Friday night/early Saturday morning (actually our neighbour’s van got hit with enough impact that it ended up on our car’s trunk!).

Our car’s a total write-off which is sad as we’ve had it for a decade and have many fond memories of trips taken in it. The most important trip was also one of our shortest – it’s the car we brought Pace home from the hospital in. (One of the slowest yet scariest drives of my life!). Pace grew to love it calling it daddy’s “race car” – more for its passing resemblance to Lightning McQueen than my driving style, I hope!

True, by the end, I’d taken to calling it the “Bionic Car” as everything in it seemed to have been either replaced or was being held together by duct tape and hope.

But it was still a car that was fully paid for and which worked well enough (most of the time) to get me to places where the bus or walking weren’t viable options.

Good-bye old friend – enjoy that big race track in the sky!



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