The Intersection of Oil & Sex in Williston, ND

We went down to Williston, North Dakota at the end of summer and it was clear that this small American city with a population of about 10 000, like its Candian counterparts, Weyburn and Estevan, was booming due to the oil economy and various related industries.

One industry that’s not available in the Canadian cities (as far as I know) but which is also booming in Williston are strip clubs.  CNN does a story focusing on the two local strip clubs and how they are a nexus of economic activity in their communities – not just for the dancers and other staff but also for new arrivals looking to find work in the oil patch.

Of course, the second video on the page is a bit more telling – young men from across the US living out of their cars in a Super Wal-Mart parking lot chasing big-paying jobs and an elusive American Dream.

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