Friday Fun Link – NHL Player Rater

In honour of the Flames’ Jarome Iginla getting his 1000th career point tonight, here’s a really cool site that displays the names of two fairly equal NHL players and allows you to pick which one you think is best.  (If you don’t recognize one or both players, it helpfully puts their career stats side-by-side and highlights who is in the lead in various categories.) Then it returns you to the home page to do it again.  (Warning – addictive!)

It shows the Top 5 skaters and Top 5 goalies on the home page and you can also see the composite ratings for all players.

Since discovering this site a few weeks ago, it’s been fun to watch the Top 5 Skaters change – for awhile it was Bobby Orr at the top then Mario Lemieux then Gordie Howe and back to Mario Lemieux as I type this.  They’re all really close but surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen arguably the most dominant athlete in any sport ever, Wayne Gretzky in the top spot yet!  (Sorry, I can’t find the article from Sports Illustrated (?) which compares Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and some baseball player and finds Gretzky was the best out of all of them when compared to the next best dominant figures in their respective sports.)

(Oh, and Iggy is at #39 as I type this by the way.  I’m sure that’ll go up given his milestone tonight!)

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