Link Dump – Middle of the Night Version

not sure if I put Pace to sleep tonight or he put me to sleep but at
8pm, we were both in bed, crashed out.  So that means I wake up now and
am going to be completely messed up tomorrow.  Oh well – the same thing
we always say when he naps at an unusual time – “he's tired – he needs
it” applies to
my little nap tonight as well!

Here's some
randomness…apologies if you were the person who sent me one or more
of these links.  I've lost track of where I got them. 

The Mother's Milk of Literacy: How Breastfeeding May Improve Literacy

– to which I say, “no duh!

The Science of Early Brain Development

– you'll have to click on the first search result to see the PowerPoint presentation

Neat New Stuff on the Internet

– by librarian, Marylaine Block. The sites I include are usually free sites of
substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and
packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering
everday questions.”

It Takes A Village of Librarians To Raise A Teen

Schools should continue to require library research so kids can learn how old folks used to Google stuff.

The Times (UK) Makes 200 Years of Newspapers Available Online for Free

Reading The Future: Planning To Meet Canada's Future Literacy Challenges

– a new study has lots of stats and info from the Canadian Council on Learning

Dealing With Book Clutter

– includes a list of questions that could be used with slight modification during weeding at your library

– a site that
the previous linked article led to which allows you to swap books (and
CD's and DVD's) with others.  It appears to only be for US-based people
right now (or people with access to a US mailing address) but still
worth taking note of in case they expand to Canada in the future.

Who Says Librarians and Teachers Don't Like Tags?

And for a big, non-library-related finish, “What skills would be most useful if you could time travel back to 1000 A.D.

(Man, it always feels good to get this accumulated kludge off the books! )

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