Bloglines Adding Support For Comments, Other Features

I recently posted about the lack of access to comments being one of the main downfalls of every type of RSS reader I'd seen – web-based, e-mail based, software-based. 

Astute reader, Heather M. sent me the following Bloglines announcement (note how they subtly plug the ability to click ads!  Those RSS ads are coming I tells you!):

One of the problems with a feed reader is that you can't see the blog in its
full glory. We've solved that problem in
. We've created a setting in 3-Pane View which allows you to get all of
that bloggy goodness in your feed reader. Plus, you can get easy access to the
comments, other features or, heck, even click on an ad to help you favorite blogger.
This is great for highly designed blogs that cover knitting, design, art or funny
pictures of cats.Here's how you get access to the feature. Go to 3-Pane View.
Click on a headline. Look for the Preview or RSS buttons to toggle between
Feed View and Blog View
(see below).

I don't think this is enough to get me to switch RSS readers…yet.  But if NetVibes doesn't add this functionality soon, I'd probably have to think about it!

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