No Updates This Weekend

Shea and I are off to the annual Fred Eaglesmith Picnic at Aylmer, just south of London in “Fred Country” for the weekend.  Eaglesmith always connects the weekend to a charity and this year's is a fitting one which even loosely relates to some of the same issues being discussed after a recent post of mine. 

As far as I can tell, this blog doesn't allow me to schedule automatic posts for dates in the future.  (Coincidentally, just today I sent an e-mail to the company that hosts my blog with a wishlist of features I'd like to see added but didn't think to include the “post in future” idea.)

So instead of everybody wondering what happened if this blog goes for a whole weekend without an update (“Oh my God – did Jason get a virus?”), I thought I'd put a brief explanation of why this was the case.

(By the way, that “virus” thing is officially the absolute worst joke I have ever told in my life and I feel slightly dumber for having made it.  I have a “humour” category for this blog but I don't think I'll bother to use it for this post.  Hmm, note to self: create a category for “lame-o”?) 

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