So I Was Sitting In the Dentist's Chair…

…and what better time for letting your mind wander far FAR away?  If a couple recent posts were “link dumps”, consider this one a “mind dump” as I sit at home waiting on a few things before I head back to Weyburn after a quick trip into the city.  (Hmm, one thing that didn't factor into my choice of jobs was $1.15/litre fuel and more frequent than expected trips for doctors, dentists and all kinds of other appointments and obligations.  Oh well – it's only money, right?) 

– flipping through the channels (ceiling TV = best dental technology improvement of all-time), I happened upon my former boss' acceptance speech for the Arts category at the YWCA's Women of Distinction Awards being replayed on local cable.  Couldn't have gone to a better choice.  Congrats Brenda!

– we have Bell satellite at home but the other reason I like local cable is for the real estate channel.  I cannot believe how much real estate has gone up in Regina in the past few years – 19.4% in the last year alone which I believe leads the country.  If we didn't need to find another place to live, we'd sell our house tomorrow! 

– I spent most of the afternoon today buying books for our library system.  Life is good. 

– in a weird way, my laptop dying couldn't have happened at a better time.  I get to focus on Shea and Pace without the distraction of that shiny blinking box always at arm's reach.  (Er, not that I wouldn't have otherwise, of course! )

– I think I'll pick up some Lang's Vietnamese food for supper on the road home – even though my mouth still isn't working yet.  It's soooo good (the food, not when my mouth doesn't work.)  

– I am having a very honest debate with myself right now about having a quick nap before heading back to Weyburn or getting on the road ASAP.  Guess what?  Baby wins…I'm outta here!

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