Saturday Snap – Our Summer Family

When we were at Echo a few years back, we met, befriended and hung out with (and got hungover with!) a few other young couples.  (I know “young” is relative for me these days but Shea’s a lot younger than me so I follow her lead on that!)

When we got our seasonal site at Weyburn, we quickly realised that our neighbours were probably not going to be doing “shots every time the Riders put points on the board” or engaging in various late night hijinxs (in fact, we realised most of them would likely be in their campers by 9pm!)

We later learned that our area of the park is called “Retirement Row” (and it applies to everyone in this picture except Shea, myself and two others) but hey, at least we’re not in “Geriatric Lane” like her parents are!

Anyhow, perhaps because of the age difference, it took us a bit longer to get to know our neighbours than it had at Echo (at Echo, our next door neighbours had a daughter who was Sasha’s age, at Nickle, we look forward to when the neighbours grandkids are around to play with our kids!)  But as we got to know them, we’ve really enjoyed hanging out, learning about their lives and yes, having the occasional happy hour cocktail together as well.

It was a pretty sad farewell when we packed up our site last weekend (doubly so as we were trying to keep quiet that we’d put in to move to a site closer to Shea’s parents but a security guard let it slip to our neighbours!) but whether we end up moving to a new site or not next year, we’ll still be in the same park and I’m sure we’ll make a point of stopping by to visit.

(Not pictured: Kevin and Linda who are two other “summer family members” who weren’t out that rainy weekend.)

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