Friday Fun Link – 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To On Our #MoonPalace #Cancun Vacation @palaceresorts

  1. This will be the first time we’ve done a two-week all-inclusive and I think it’ll be very luxurious considering a typical one-week vacation often only feels like much less than that since the first day is a travel day, the second day is a decompress/orientation day and then the second last day (for me anyhow) is the “’s almost over” sad day and the final day is another travel day. Add in that you might spend a day of your trip doing an excursion of one kind or another and a week goes by *way* too fast! 🙁
  2. We’re not at the same resort but being able to spend Shea’s and my 15th wedding anniversary in the same geographic area as where we got married is pretty cool.
  3. We’ll also get to celebrate a milestone birthday for my mom during the time that my parents and my family overlap in Mexico (they’re doing two weeks – one with my sister’s family and then one with mine and then they leave and Shea and the kids and I will have an additional week just for ourselves.)
  4. We are seriously thinking about upgrading to The Grand at Moon Palace for our second week.  The Grand is a more high-end part of the property which still allows you access to other areas (but people in other parts can’t go to The Grand without buying day passes) but which has more and better features – a bigger kids’ club, some really unique a la carte restaurants (Lebanese!  Peruvian!), bigger rooms, etc.
  5. Pace is looking forward to the FlowRider (the only one in a resort in that area of Mexico that has one apparently) more than me.  In fact, I’ve decided that if I go on it, it has to be one of our last days in case I hurt myself.  (Correction: I will hurt myself!)
  6. Having two weeks makes it more likely that we’ll do some excursions and I’m especially excited to once again visit Isla Mujeres which was a highlight of our return “honeymoon” trip to Cancun the year after we got married.
  7. It’s a small thing but many reviews on Trip Advisor rave about the high level of service at this resort and I’ve already had a preview – for most of our trips, I’ve sent an email ahead of time to confirm that we’ll need adjoining rooms or make a special request or whatever.  I think this might be the first time I’ve not only gotten a timely response but actually had a bit of back and forth correspondence which is a good omen!
  8. We might go into Cancun one night for a weekly open air market that attracts a lot of locals, has vendors and is apparently quite fun.
  9. I don’t usually do any spa stuff at all-inclusives but since this all-inclusive gives guests “Resort Credits” to spend on various services, Shea and I might have to go for massages at their AWE Spa.
  10. The biggest downside to this resort is the ocean is widely reported to not be very good – lots of seaweed and murky water instead of the beautiful turquoise you expect on a tropical vacation.  Luckily, we can take a cab to a sister resort on the Cancun strip and use all their facilities including a beach that looks much better (bringing back memories of staying at Sandos Caracol last year which also had a bad beach but being able to travel to a sister resort a couple times and having some of our best beach days ever!)


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