Throwback Thursday – #tbt – @ryanmeili Embraces Latest in “Poli-Techs” Once Again With Facebook Live Event #skpoli #skndpldr

Since he first ran for the leadership of the Sask NDP nearly a decade ago, Ryan Meili has been incredibly adept at harnessing new technologies to achieve political goals.

In 2009, he ran Canada’s first-ever political “money bomb” fundraiser which was a huge success, raising (if memory serves) something like 1/6 of all the money Ryan raised in his entire campaign during a single one week period.

(I don’t have a screen shot of the money bomb page from Ryan’s campaign web site that year so instead, here’s a screenshot from my own blog where I’d fortunately copied the entire press release.  Good librarian! <pats self on head>)

During his 2013 run for the Sask NDP leadership, Ryan did another first for Saskatchewan politics – a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat.

I’m not sure if this one is quite as unique (didn’t one of the Sask Party leadership candidates do it already?) but Ryan was interviewed for a Facebook Live chat tonight which had good reach, engagement and people tuning in from all corners of the province (and beyond) while showing that Ryan is once again combining the latest technologies with the latest in political strategy to great advantage.

(On that note, did I mention a single Facebook post of his is now up to 400 Likes/Loves and an almost unbelievable 234 shares?  I have access to Ryan’s analytics so I can tell you how many individuals have seen that Tweet/FB post.  About a zillion!) 😉

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