Some Alternate Theories on What Happened in Hawaii

As a general rule, I’m not a conspiracy theorist as I often find the musings of people who are so inclined pretty illogical, far-fetched, and outlandish.

But I also find them entertaining in a “Inspired by a True Story” kind of way.  Plus, occasionally something happens that makes you wonder if you’re getting the full story?

This happened most recently with the “false alarm” alert that was sent to everyone in Hawaii about an incoming ballistic missile that was corrected about half an hour later and explained away as one employee essentially “pushing the wrong button.”

That seems hard to believe on the surface – how could a single human error send out a message that could create widespread fear and chaos?  Were there no additional controls?  Why would the option for “test missile message” and “real missile message” be right beside each other in a pulldown menu?  And why did it take official half an hour to issue a correction?

Luckily, the tinfoil hatted denizens of /r/conspiracy have come through with a list of possible alternate explanations for what might have happened instead which, whether true or not, make for some interesting speculation.

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