Julie Payette Reminds Us We Live In A Universe Based On Fact, Not Opinion

Canada’s new Governor-General (and former astronaut) Julie Payette, created some controversy after her recent remarks at a science conference where she pointed out the absurdity of politicians still using their personal opinions to debate indisputable scientific facts such as the reality of climate change and the lack of similar evidence for beliefs such as astrology.

Her remarks also took aim at creationists and so some religious people felt attacked while others felt it wasn’t keeping with the traditional non-political role of the position (although others defended her, asking how exactly is stating *facts* wrong?)

Without this basic and fundamental understanding of how to sort through declarations, our world is now overrun by opinions masquerading as facts. As a result, poorly supported assertions of faith and opinion end up forging public policy — all which have a direct effect on our individual and collective well-being.

Me?  I can’t wait to hear what she says next! 😉

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