UFC 217 Might Be Best MMA PPV of All-Time?

I don’t pay a lot of attention to UFC for the most part unless it’s a big name or a big fight or when my love of pro wrestling intersects with the world of “real” fighting via someone like Brock Lesnar or CM Punk participating.

And I rarely to never watch the live PPVs, usually just catching highlights online after.

But when friends invited Shea and I to join them to watch UFC 217 at a local bar last night, I was pretty excited to see the return of one of the greatest of all-time, Canada’s own, Georges St. Pierre, after a four year hiatus.

It turns out we picked a really good PPV to watch – three champions got defeated (a new UFC record), the fights were all really good and GSP even pulled out an upset victory to cap off what many (including the head of UFC) are calling potentially the best UFC PPV of all-time!


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