Happy 80th Birthday Aunt Joan!

I had the honour of attending the 80th birthday of my Aunt Joan with various other family members at The Keg last night.

Aunt Joan is the fifth of my dad’s family of ten siblings to reach this milestone (unfortunately, the sibling who would be next in line to reach this milestone passed away last year so that ends an otherwise pretty remarkable longevity record for the family – though my Aunt Verna did reach 77 so that’s pretty amazing too!)

But here’s hoping to continued good health for all remaining nine siblings and that those who reached 80 will eventually reach 90+ (as my Grandma did!) and those that haven’t yet reached 80 will all make it to that milestone and beyond as well!

Pace made a punny card for his “great” aunt…


The birthday girl got two kinds of cake…


Sasha seems to be saying “I know you’re going to have your first baby soon but I just want to warn you that the baby will eventually turn into a four year old like me!” 😉


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