When Your Dad Is Your Secret Shopper

I had an important meeting at work yesterday so took Sasha to daycare even though she wasn’t feeling great (probably caught what I had last week) which is usually a big no-no.

Luckily, my parents happened to be up in the city running errands so they were able to retrieve her before she had to be there for too long.

When I talked to them at lunch, dad asked where I got my hair cut since his regular barber isn’t available right now.  I told him I usually go to the hair salon that’s right beside my work since it’s convenient and it helps me stay connected with what’s going on in our strip mall and the wider neighbourhood.

When I got home at the end of the day, dad had gotten his hair cut and said that the woman who cut his hair said she was very impressed with me and the work I’d done since coming to the library.  She said she had a number of clients who go to my branch and they all are very complimentary too.

So that was a nice, unexpected compliment and a vote of confidence from a community member who sees the work that, not just myself, but my entire staff are doing to create a friendly, welcoming space for a wide range of people.

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