Throwback Thursday – SILS Launch Preparations (Feb 2010) #skpoli #SavedSKLibraries #saveSKLibraries

Like I said yesterday, I’ll probably stop tagging every post with #skpoli #saveSKLibraries fairly soon.  But in the meantime, I have ideas for at least a couple more posts in the hopper though.

For instance, I came across this picture and thought it was a nice “full circle” picture – a shot from February 2010 after the Sask Party had funded SILS initially (and have now funded it again.)

RPL’s Marketing Department had ordered a giant generic SILS card for the official launch of the new service.

After the uncertainty of the past month, I’m very glad that the province has restored funding for libraries and these cards (well, the smaller version) will still be issued to citizens across the province!

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