Shitty News Countdown

Grey Beard

10. Buying a drink at a local drug store recently, I got asked if I qualified for the “55+ Senior Discount”?  (Apparently I should’ve bought a kit to dye this 43 year old’s grey beard!)

9. The Sask Party has announced a massive one billion dollar deficit which echoes the fiscal mismanagement of Brad Wall’s mentor, Grant Devine, in the 1980’s.

8. The Sask Party is citing “controlling labour costs” as a major way to deal with this deficit less than a year after adding three completely unnecessary MLA’s when they should’ve been cutting them.

7. The Sask Party just announced who will be taking over 50 *profitable* liquor stores as they move towards privatization.  (The mind boggles at how their ideology trumps fiscal responsibility.)

6. Another sign of our province’s failing economy as 140 layoffs announced at Potash Corp of Saskatchewan with speculation that we haven’t hit bottom yet.

5. In the ultimate display of tone deafness, Native Americans are being tear gassed during Thanksgiving Week at Standing Rock.

4. Female politicians get treated horribly, especially online.

3. It was recently announced that Saskatchewan had the highest homicide rate in Canada in 2015.

2. Justin Trudeau is turning out to be exactly what I expected.  Not really shitty news per se unless you actually believed that “sunny days” shit sandwich he served up after his election win.

1. Hillary Clinton got two million more votes but, according to the rules of the game, Donald Trump is still President-elect (and naming someone from the family who founded Amway as Education Secretary.  I’m sure that will end well.) 😮

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