Music Monday – “And the girls would spend a couple of bucks/Just to meet the boys working at the pumps/And they’d grow up and fall in love/And they’d all move away.”

Here’s one of the songs I taped at the Fred Eaglesmith show on Saturday night (which just happens to be one of my favourite Fred Eaglesmith songs of all-time.)

“White Rose” – Fred Eaglesmith

Actually, speaking of my favourite Fred songs, why not turn this post into a list?

Jason’s Top 10 Fred Eaglesmith Songs
1. Water in the Fuel

2. White Rose

3. Freight Train

4. Johnny Cash

5. Summerlea

6. Stars

7. Brand New Boy

8. It Was You

9. Indiana Road

10. How’s Ernie?

(That’s my ranking today.  Outside the top three songs, I’d probably have an entirely Top 10 tomorrow!)

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