Friday Fun Link – Better Motherfucking Website

Back in the day, I was quite obsessed with web design and user-interfaces and even made some extra spending money for a while as a web designer (this is back around 1997 when, if you could get a picture to show up on a web page, people thought you were amazing!) 😉

My knowledge and skills with regards to web design have slipped quite a bit as my life has gotten busier with work and kids, technology has advanced and many platforms (eg. WordPress) make it easy for you to not know a lick of code to create a web site.

(This buggy, frequently-down blog being a pretty good testament to how far I’ve let things slide!)

But there are some principles that are fundamental, whether it’s 1997 or 2017 (er, I had to stretch to make that work) and this site does a great job of illustrating some of them.

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