Music Monday – “Some other way/There’s got to be another way/We all are scientists who will not be afraid/I’m not saying that there’s no hope for this/And you have tried to change my mind But we all know, our system’s broken/And I, I’ll never vote again”

I’ve had this blog since 2006 but perhaps surprisingly, I’ve never really acknowledged Leap Years even though I’ve been blogging for two of them in 2008 and 2012.

So let’s continue that trend by ignoring February 29, 2016 completely in favour of a song inspired by tomorrow’s Super Tuesday vote in the United States…

Vote” – The Submarines (if you click through to, you’ll see a typo in the lyrics – the actual lyric is: “On Super Tuesday, I wanted to die”, not “On Two for Tuesday, I wanted to die”.  The final lyric about never voting again is extremely cynical but not in the light of the fact that the duo who comprise the Submarines are a real life couple but had a break-up before Super Tuesday.)

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