T-2: One Final Reason To Vote ABC (Anybody But Conservative) #elxn42 #canpoli #cndpoli

Stephen Harper is arguably the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Investigative journalist Michael Harris, author of Party of One, the bestseller about Harper’s tenure, believes so. “There is something very Stalinesque about Harper,” remarks Harris. “My bottom line on this guy is, he hates democracy. He doesn’t care about truth and cares only about the perception of what benefits him. In that way he’s way worse [than his predecessors].”

There are dozens of places to find out why Harper is such a failure – for the economy, for veterans, for equality, for accountability for farmers, for the environment.  Or for 100+ reasons all listed in one place.

Conservatives who’ve worked with him, such as former Newfoundland Premier, Danny Williams, don’t trust him.  Conservative icons like newspaper owner, Conrad Black say Harper has held onto power too long.  Everyday conservatives who’ve supported Harper their entire lifetime – whether in rural Ontario or downtown Toronto – have decided they’ll work to unseat him this election.

Just today, Benjamin Beatty, the former Prime Minister’s Office legal counsel and probably one of a handful of people who’ve worked the closest to Stephen Harper during his time in power, said Harper had lost his “moral authority to govern” and he was voting for change.

Now, stop and think about that.  Really think about it.

How bad does Stephen Harper have to be that one of his top lieutenants is not willing to vote for him???

But none of those are the reason you should vote for Anybody But Conservative in this election.

The reason you should vote ABC is because you are an intelligent, rational person. And in your heart of hearts, you must realise that Stephen Harper, even if you agree with some of his policies, has fundamentally made our country worse during his ten years in power.

Once you acknowledge that, ask yourself this: is fundamentally changing the nature of our country – how we value our reputation as a welcoming nation to people from around the world, how we consider being “polite” as the ultimate Canadian value, how we value fair play, honesty and following the rules

…is all of that worth saving a couple grand a year (maybe) due to income splitting rules?  Or paying a few hundred bucks less in taxes each year?   Or getting a false sense of security when you’re actually more likely to be killed running into a moose than by a terrorist attack in Canada?

You’re smarter than that.  You’re smarter than Stephen Harper thinks you are.  You’re smarter than thinking that one party (no matter which one) is more important than the country that we all love.

Vote tomorrow.

But vote for reasons you’ve carefully thought about, that you can defend and that you’ll be proud of *the day after tomorrow*.

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