T-10: Talking Turkey: Will Thanksgiving Weekend Decide The Election? #elxn42 #canpoli

Maclean’s has an article about how long weekends (especially ones that fall very close to an election) are vital times in campaigns as that’s when family gather and talk together over meals and social time.

In fact, from the outset of this unusually gruelling 11-week race, officials for all three of the main parties have, at various times, pointed ahead to Thanksgiving as the most likely time many Canadian voters will make up their minds.

Generally, people don’t want to ruin the festive mood during these occasions so it’s better to focus on the positives of the party you’re supporting rather than the negatives of the party you oppose (ahem, it just came out that THREE Conservative MPs were confirmed in the leaked data from the cheating/affair web site, AshleyMadison.com along with one record that might possibly be a Liberal MP and zero from the NDP.)

Anyhow, with that out of my system, here are some positives about the NDP to highlight when talking your parents and grandparents this weekend

In the end, I love this quote from Thomas Mulcair which sums up the NDP’s plan perfectly:

It’s really easy in this election —childcare, healthcare, pharmacare, Mulcair,” to supporters who erupted in cheerful laughter at a campaign stop in Surrey, B.C. on Tuesday.

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