The Raw After Wrestlemania

Sunday night was Wrestlemania, the biggest PPV show on the WWE’s annual calendar.

And after lots of doubts about the lead-up, it turned out to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all-time in many observer’s opinions.

Almost as good is the Raw After Wrestlemania

Imagine your favorite dramatic TV series, say, Game of Thrones or Mad Men, but performed live in front of a rowdy focus group that shows their disdain for bad scenes by chanting the names of their favorite former cast members when the current ones starts boring them. Maybe they have some fun and add—and sing—their own lyrics to the show’s theme song. Maybe they lose their minds when some bit character gets a cameo, because she’s their favorite character. Maybe they remember that, oh yeah, they’re on TV, too and just start chanting about how awesome they are. At times, you see, they’re trying to make themselves the stars of the show.

This is Twitter replying as a TV show. This is Facebook snark and YouTube comments as part of a TV show.

This is the Red Wedding with the ability to hear the audience gasp. This is Brian Williams’ televised apology with a studio audience chanting “We want Brokaw” in the background.

This is when the hardest-of-hardcore wrestling fans, who travel from around the world to watch the “Super Bowl of Pro Wrestling” then stick around for the following night’s live broadcast of the WWE’s flagship show, Raw and take the crowd-interaction/performance art aspect of wrestling to a  level you’ll never see anywhere else!

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