Saturday Snap – #yqr Science Rendezvous

Shea took Pace and Sasha to ScienceRendezvous which was happening at the U of R on Saturday.

This is a cross-country day celebrating science.  At the U of R, all the various science faculties got together to do demonstrations for the general public.  I was working but was able to run out to the Uni over my lunch hour and take in some of the event myself.  Here are some highlights…

Touch the Pufferfish if you dare!


Pace adds a drawing to a geologic timeline while his dad passes along book recommendations to the Geology students…

This substance has evolved over millions of years to be the perfect nutritional source for infants…



Make your own flubber!!!



Like Lego but better – build your own circuits kit!  (Pace and Shea did one of the pre-made ones then Pace immediately began improvising his own ideas.)



Say hello to Mr. Skinny…



Pace even won a door prize!  (Look at #11 on the draw board)


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