What Fact Do You Accept Intellectually Even Though It Still Feels “Wrong” To You?

Lots of cool answers in this AskReddit question

  • There are perfectly nice, reasonable, intelligent people who disagree with my political opinions.
  • You can get from North Korea to Finland by going through one country.
  • That if you don’t have a kid, you’re the first one since your ancestral line started [edit: not just human line but literally going all the way back to the first life forms] to not reproduce.
  • When the sign says Right Lane Closed 1000 yards ahead – the people speeding along in the Right Lane only to merge in at the last moment are… doing the right thing.
  • Tyrannosaurs is closer to today than to Stegosaurus.
  • Everything, including my body, is made up of really tiny particles…most of those particles are themselves composed of empty space.

I’ve highlighted some of my favourites but it’s worth clicking through to read the other answers as well as some of the discussion and follow-up comments these answers provoked.

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