Some Sasha Stuff


Sasha turned five months old a couple days ago so I thought it might be fun to note a few of the things going on in her life these days…

– she’s an unbelievable sleeper. Like, she goes down at 8pm and sleeps right through to 8am without waking up almost every single night! (Although we’re a bit worried as she’s just started to get restless when we put her down for the night, maybe realising what’s coming and not liking it?)

– she’s also unbelievably happy – there’s so much I love about her but going into her room when she first wakes up in the morning and seeing the giant smile and how she literally bounces on the bed, kicking her legs when she sees Shea or I is amazing.

– my standard line when you consider these last two points is: “If we knew the second one was going to be so good, we wouldn’t have waited six years to have another one!”  (Of course, that’s not entirely true – there are all kinds of factors on why we waited so long from just not feeling ready to Pace doing extended breastfeeding so feeling like “our baby” well into his second year to a long time trying to conceive when we did decide to have another child to an unfortunate miscarriage after we finally did get pregnant.)

– she does lots of babbling and I’m sure that I heard her say “Geek!” the other day so I’m going to call that her first word, even if Shea disagrees! 😉

– being able to get home for lunches in my new job as Regent Place Branch Head is perfect too – a nice echo of what happened when Pace was the same age and I was working for Southeast Regional Library in Weyburn and also able to get home at lunch to see him.

– Of course, that means I occasionally have to do a quick change of my shirt if I get spit up on (or worse! That happened once with Pace and I didn’t even notice Pace left a souvenir on me when I changed him at noon until I got home at the end of the day!  Hopefully none of my co-workers noticed the small brown stain on the side of my shirt either!) 😉

– like all babies of this age, she loves putting stuff in her mouth, grabbing onto things, and cooing endlessly.

– last night, we had a “disco party” in Pace’s room. He has some Lego that blinks different colours so he shut the door, told me to put on “Party Rock Anthem” and dance. I didn’t know if Sasha would like it but she was smiling non-stop!

– still not rolling over but getting closer every day.

– unlike her big brother, she’s a thumb sucker (or occasionally a toe sucker!)

– tonight’s made up daddy song went “I don’t drink milk from an udder/Or from my big brother/I get all my milk from/My mudder!”

– I think we started Pace on real food somewhere around his fifth month but we’ll likely wait another month for Sasha to start eating as she’s not showing the same interest in what’s going in our mouths that Pace was at this point.

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