Saturday Snap – A Pink Flamingo Appears: My Birthday at RPL


Okay, after tomorrow, I promise the 40th birthday-themed entries will stop!  (Probably.)   But I did want to recap how my day went at work.
RPL has a tradition of passing along a pink flamingo to whoever is celebrating a milestone birthday (for some reason I only thought it went to people celebrating their 50th birthdays – maybe because that’s all I’d seen) but apparently it’s for any milestone birthday.  (Or maybe I look a decade older than my 40 years?)

The lucky recipient wears a Birthday Boy/Birthday Girl ribbon all day and I also thought they were responsible for providing a home for the bird until they can find another sucker celebrator of a milestone birthday to take it but someone said it resides in HR when not “in use” (something I should probably know having worked in RPL’s HR department for my first three years with the organization!) 😉

Anyhow, here’s a shot of the bird on arrival in the Outreach Unit where I currently work…



Here’s the bird moved back to my desk…



Here’s the inscription on the bird’s base…



And here’s me with the “Birthday Boy” ribbon…


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