Music Monday – “For years they’ve been married/Not one day of trouble/Got two happy boys/Good luck/Daily double/Love to dance with each other/Say they live in a bubble”

I’ve written about Sam Baker before – a Texas singer-songwriter whose ultra-streamlined literary style and unique vocals have drawn comparisons to Leonard Cohen:

Baker captivated me. His songs are closely observed narratives of eccentric and marginalized people finding meaning in seemingly defeated lives–almost like Leonard Cohen’s, if Cohen had been a Baptist raised in West Texas.

Sam recently had a Kickstarter to raise funds for his latest album (make sure you read those rewards for the different Pledge Levels – I wish I could’ve afforded to pledge $10,000 to the project!)

I was one of the lucky ones to get a digital copy through this Kickstarter a couple months before the official release date.

(I’ll take this opportunity to throw in a link to – a site that sort of acts like a Billboard magazine for Kickstarter projects with charts, news stories and so on.)

More info about the album:

As someone who used John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves” as a final dance song at his wedding, the song below is a spiritual heir to the John Prine classic as well as being my favourite song off the new album (at least today – tomorrow will be different and Sam’s helpfully posting lyrics on his blog!)

Another aside – his site is a prime example of how to a really sparse, minimalist black on white web site well – some bloggers could take a hint! 😉

“Isn’t Love Great” – Sam Baker

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