Getting Excited for @TEDxRegina #yqr

Went to TEDxRegina last year and am excited to be going again this year.  Plus, unlike last year when I went on my own time, this year my employer is funding me plus a few other colleagues to attend.  Yay!

That is *exactly* what I was saying last year about how libraries need to ensure that we’re represented at the broadest range of community events possible, not just the Literacy Conferences and Book Awards and other places you’d expect the library to be (although, in all honesty, a conference focused on technology, education and design seems like a perfect fit to me!)

Anyhow, in anticipation of the conference next week, I’ve been watching some older TED talks from around the world.

I also came across a couple great lists – “Five TED Talks Librarians Should Watch and Why” and a (different) list of “Top 5 TED Talks for Librarians“.

Finally, there are a few TED Talks that are specifically about libraries




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