Celebrating Some @ryanMeili #skndpldr Firsts on the First Day of 2013

As he did in 2009, Ryan Meili is once again spearheading an extremely innovative leadership campaign that has all kinds of potential to change the way politics are done in Saskatchewan.

Here are just a few examples of Meili “Firsts” in the current campaign…

  • First candidate to use a mobile-friendly domain hack for his web site – ryanmei.li
  • First candidate to livestream his launch announcement (there are a couple test clips on the page I linked to but unfortunately, Ryan’s team wasn’t the first to successfully archive a live streamed event! 😉
  • First candidate to do a Tele-town hall meeting to better reach people in rural areas and/or those who don’t use the Internet.  (Maybe also the first political tele-town hall in Saskatchewan history?)
  • First candidate to do a “Book Bomb” fundraiser
  • First candidate to do a Reddit AskMeAnything (AMA) chat session
  • First candidate to reach 1000 Facebook “Likes”
  • First candidate to crowdsource aspects of his policy development
  • First candidate to use social media tools such as Tout, Storify and others
  • First candidate to translate his campaign materials into another language. And even better, it’s not French or Ukrainian or one of the “traditional” Saskatchewan languages you might expect but instead, it’s Urdu. (Brad Wall can spin the “New Saskatchewan” all he wants but this shows who’s walking the walk in terms of actually reflecting our province’s changing demographics!)
    Edit – January 23, 2013:
  • First candidate to release an iPhone app (with an Android one in the works)


Also of note, Ryan isn’t just the first to do these things, he’s also the only candidate to do most of them.

One of the most striking “firsts” is that overnight, Ryan became the first Sask NDP Leadership candidate to hit 2000 Likes on his campaign Facebook page, managing to reach that milestone before any of the other three candidates hit 1000. He also did it in fine style with his supporters waking up on January 1, 2013 to see he’d reached the symbolic total of 2013 Likes overnight!


Ryan would be the first to say that things like Facebook Likes, social media support and leading in fundraising (as he has for the past two months), as well as virtually any other metric you can look at ultimately don’t mean anything if he can’t also convince the members to give him their vote.

But if he keeps using innovative approaches and techniques in 2013 the way he has in 2012, hopefully that won’t be a problem!

Here’s to 2013 – I Like it already! 😉

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