How A Pro-Life Conservative Christian American Learned To Love Canadian-Style Socialized Healthcare

Short answer: She experienced it firsthand.

You know, one of the biggest mysteries in my life (not really) is wondering how every western society on earth can have some form of socialized medicine for its citizens and yet a large part of the population of the United States persists in the belief that their nightmare of a private, insurance-based system is the best in the world.

(Actually not that much of a mystery when you take about three seconds to think on it.  Take a combination of American exceptionalism and a pig-headed belief in the dark side of the American Dream, “Every man for himself”, mix in a large dollop of religious brainwashing, a faulty education system, enormous wealth inequity and there you go – St. AnyElsewhere.)

Occasionally, someone might have a revelation – but they might have to move to Canada to do it!

(via MetaFilter)

And yes, “St. AnyElsewhere” is a stupid, out-dated, barely relevant pun/joke.  Sorry about that – I’m sad for myself that I couldn’t think of anything better.

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