Friday Fun Link – Where Are You on the Global Pay Scale?

This interactive graph allows you to enter your monthly, pre-tax wage then see where you fit against the average wage for your country and other countries around the world.

Pretty sobering to see that Shea’s and my current wages put us both above the highest per capita earners in the world (Luxembourg) and makes you appreciate the accident of birth that saw us born in a well-developed, progressive, (mostly) democratic nation where, within a couple generations, the grandchildren of dirt poor farmers can become highly educated, highly paid professionals.

It also brings home the point (which sounds like it was created by the mega-wealthy to counter-act the arguments of 99% protesters but has actually been put to great effect by charities supporting developing nations) that, on a global scale, pretty much everyone in the developed world is part of the 1%, no matter what you earn.

In fact, this book is my current read and it’s also extremely sobering from the opposite end of the spectrum in its description of slum dwellers in Mumbai who live in $0.35 per day that they earn recycling garbage.

(via Reddit)

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