FTRW 2012 – Censoring Your Democratic Right to Vote

Censorship doesn’t just happen with books and videos, it happens in a variety of ways when people in positions of power and authority attempt to control, influence and manipulate your behaviour.

Perhaps the most insidious way that they do this is when powerful people attempt to eliminate our fundamental democratic rights.  Right now, a major scandal has erupted over allegations that the Conservative Party of Canada did exactly that by using mis-leading “robo-calls” to direct supporters of other parties to incorrect polling locations in the last federal election.

A classmate from library school lives Guelph which is one of the dozens of ridings that saw the use of these tactics.  And, like a good librarian, he managed to get a recording of the robo-call he received for posterity’s sake.

I know that a lot of times people across all parts of the political spectrum go too far in trying to portray what the people on the other end of the spectrum as “scary” or “ruining the country” or whatever.  I’ve been guilty of that myself on occasion.

But if hearing this clip doesn’t make you think twice about what the Federal Conservatives stand for – tactics that wouldn’t be out of line for a third-world dictator – then I don’t know what would ever possibly convince you to get really angry about the true danger to Canada and Canadian values that the Harper Government represents?

Both “scary” and “ruining the country” at the same time!  Truly odiously shameful.

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