Friday Fun Link – My Year in First Lines

Every year on December 31, I do a “Year End Memes” post which has two parts – the first answers a bunch of questions about the past year.  The second provides an overview of my year via the first lines of each month’s blog post during the past twelve months.

Last year, I split them up doing the “Q&A” part on December 31 and the “First Lines” part on January 1.  Splitting them works better I think except that it sort of ruins the randomness of the first line for January (as you’ll see below).  So instead, I’ve decided to do the “First Lines” on December 30 and the “Q&A” on December 31.  Got it?  Good! 😉

Here’s my year in first lines…

  • January – “This is the first line of each blog post I did each month last year…”
  • February – “Metered Bandwidth isn’t about stopping bandwidth hogs, it’s about preserving old media business models”
  • March – “Pace has been counting down the “sleeps” until we go to Cuba on Thursday.”
  • April – “In honour of the Flames’ Jarome Iginla getting his 1000th career point tonight, here’s a really cool site that displays the names of two fairly equal NHL players and allows you to pick which one you think is best.”
  • May – “When I watch sports, I tend to be someone who, when my team is down, thinks “there’s no way we can win!” and when they’re up, thinks “there’s no way we can lose!” rather than being somebody who knows that the momentum will go back and forth and anything can happen right up until the final buzzer sounds.”
  • June – “I’m at the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference in Regina from today until Friday. “
  • July – “The perfect song for both Canada Day and also for a couple of flatlander farmers hanging out with the fishermen in Newfoundland…”
  • August – “I had such an amazing time camping this long weekend at Nickle Lake with Shea’s folks at their seasonal site, I thought I’d do a bulleted list of some of the highlights.”
  • September – “We were at a wedding in my hometown about a month ago.”
  • October – “Earlier today, Shea, Pace and I went to the grand opening of the joint campaign office for three of the NDP candidates in next month’s provincial election – Jaime Garcia, Warren McCall and Trent Wotherspoon.”
  • November – “A great article giving a few examples of how libraries have used crowdsourcing to manage large projects that are beyond the scope of their regular workforce and/or which take advantage of the “Wisdom of Crowds”.”
  • December – “Movember is over and here’s the first and final shot of my ‘stash. “


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