Sunday Snap – Can You Spot The Difference? (Xmas Edition)

Pace had two Christmas parties today – one at his karate club from 1-3pm and one at the library from 2-4pm. Due to good scheduling by all involved, we were able to participate in Santa visits at both locations.

Pace has already been apprised of the fact that Santa, although magical and mystical in all ways, still does not have the power to be in two places at once. So he also has “helpers” who are humans that fill in for him at parades, malls and occasionally Christmas parties (“but don’t say anything about helpers in front of any other kids because some kids don’t know that Santa uses helpers.” Really? “Yep, you’re in on the inside here, kiddo!” Okay!)

Here’s a couple shots of the respective Santa “helpers” we encountered today. Strangely, Pace didn’t glean onto the fact that, you know, one of them brought a whole extra person along for the ride as the big difference between them.

But he did notice that one wore glasses and one didn’t and our repeated explanations that sometimes his mom wore glasses and sometimes wore contacts (dad never wears contacts) didn’t sway him so he knew for certain…well, that at least one of these was a helper. Probably… Maybe… Hmm…



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