(sings) “It’s A Small World After All…”

This is pretty funny for a number of reasons…

On Reddit, there’s a sub-Reddit called AskReddit where people can ask others in the community pretty much anything and everything.  Today, bored in her physics class, one Redditor posed a somewhat risque question asking if there were any otherwise mundane things that made people horny and mentioned that, for maybe it was the time of day, the gender imbalance or the talk of electromagnetic waves but her early morning physics class did this for her.

She quickly got a reply – not with somebody else mentioning a different mundane thing that made them horny but from someone mentioning that he too, was in an 8:30am physics class and wouldn’t it be funny if it were the same one.   She reveals she’s at Ohio State, he says same, they have some back and forth with her expressing skepticism until he pretty much describes everything about the class including how cool the prof is!

At this point, you (and I) are probably suspecting this is a set-up – either two friends staging a wild coincidence to gain the worthless yet valued “karma” that Redditors earn by posting cool/unique/interesting/useful information.  Or maybe that it’s a couple students in psychology, not physics, doing some sort of online experiment about community, trust and uhm, horniness.

The original poster claims it is completely legit as a random coincidence and other Redditors chime in with various humourous comments including encouragements for them to marry, have sex (obviously given the origins of the thread) and even someone posing as their prof via a novelty account weighing in.

Both have promised to take a photo together when the class next meets on Friday and others, also at Ohio State, have planned an informal Reddit “Meet-up” outside the classroom on that same day!

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