“Straight, Not Narrow”: Has Calgary Quietly Become The Most Progressive City in Canada?

Calgary had their annual Pride Parade this past weekend.  Pride Parades are commonly held in major cities throughout Canada but Calgary’s recent parade set two important milestones – the first time the mayor of the city has appeared in the parade as new mayor, Naheed Nenshi, served as the parade marshall. The Calgary Flames also sponsored a float in the parade, the first time an NHL team has done so (and happily, the majority of posters on the Flames fan message board supported the move – though not all!)

This is only one example but it makes you wonder if Calgary – already the youngest, most educated city in Canada with some of the most environmentally friendly and techno-savvy young people – is metamorphosing from its old redneck, conservative ways to something more progressive?  (Of course, the province is absolutely ruled by the Conservatives on both the provincial and national level so maybe not?)

Anyhow, this post is as good as any to link to an old Boing Boing post which gives the most accurate description, of why conservatives really don’t like homosexuality – it’s all about the yucky butt-secks!

Finally, to show how truly progressive Shea and I are, here’s a picture of Pace at the Calgary Pride Parade a couple years ago.  (Okay, full disclosure – we didn’t know the parade was on and just sort of happ

(Oops, I thought we had a picture of Pace at the parade but now I remember it was a crappy, rainy day so I didn’t take many pictures.  Here’s one of the celebrations at Olympic Plaza which was the end of the parade route…


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