Our Tentative Newfoundland Itinerary

Shea and I are off to a wedding in Newfoundland a month from now, from June 30 until July 9.  (Er, our holiday is that long – I don’t think the wedding will last ten days.  But it *is* Newfoundland so who knows?)

Shea’s never been further east than Montreal and I’ve only beaten her by a nose (I know someone will mis-read that as “beaten her *on* the nose”) by getting as far as Quebec City in high school.  So both of us are really looking forward to it.

We’ve had a lot of fun Googling and reading web sites and books (the anticipation and planning can be as fun as the trip sometimes!) but after many permutations, I think we’ve decided to go for the minimalist/local approach – spending the first few days in St. John’s then doing the Irish Loop around the Avalon Pennisula before going up to Conception Bay for a couple-three days, hitting various nearby attractions – Cape Spear, Ferryland, Brigus, etc.

They would undoubtedly all be highlights but we decided to skip some highly recommended spots that are further (and much further!) away – St. Pierre & Miquelon , Gros Morne National Park and (saddest for me to give up), the Viking Settlement at L’Anse Aux Meadows.

Anybody who’s been and has any tips for must-see’s and must do’s, we’d appreciate it.  (Barring a few days he spent with my parents when Shea and I were both deadly ill earlier this year, this will be the longest we’ve been away from Pace too.  So feel free to recommend great pubs that don’t allow kids, restaurants that don’t give out crayons when they seat you and any places that are open past 8 pm!)

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