Saturday Snap – Happy Fourth Birthday, Pace!

Although I’m not as obsessive as those folks who take a picture-a-day of themselves or their babies, I have tried to take a photo of Pace every few months and now every year.  I didn’t plan it this way initially but now always include an Oscar the Grouch doll we bought him when he was born and who ended up in a few photos with the newborn Pace.  (By way of explanation, “Oscar” was our pet name for Pace while he was still in utero because he was occasionally pretty grouchy, kicking and punching his mommy!)

This is a quick little video I made for his fourth birthday today (and yes, when it ends up Vimeo instead of YouTube, that’s a pretty big clue that my interpretation of copyright law is different than YouTube’s! <grin>)…


Pace and His Friend Oscar Though The Years from Jason Hammond on Vimeo.

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