“Daddy, You Need Mommy To Give You ‘Talking Real’ Needles!”

Four years ago, I never imagined that I’d be laying in bed tonight with my perfect, wonderful son, having this conversation:

“What am I made of, daddy?”
“You’re made of lots of stuff – bones and muscles and skin.”
“And what else?”
“Well, did you know that most people are mostly made up of water?”
“I’m not made up of mostly water.”
“Yes you are.  It’s science.”
“I’m not water!  I’m made of people stuff.”
“Should we call mommy in here to tell you?  She’s a nurse so she’ll know.”
“I think mommy needs to give you ‘talking real’ needles!”
“Mommy, can you come in here and tell Pace what he’s mostly made of?”
(Mommy comes in the room)
“Mommy, what am I mostly made of?”
(Mommy leaves the room)

So I don’t think the issue got settled but nonetheless, happy fourth birthday to our little man, our Spaceman, our Peso, Pace Owen Hammond!

Everyone says it but I can’t believe how the time has flown!  (PS – not sure how he got the shiner in the photo below but I think he ran into a table at a 50th Birthday party we attended in Calgary.  I couldn’t help but joke “You know you had a good time in Calgary when you go to a party and wake up the next day with no idea how you got a shiner!”)


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