Saturday Snap – Katepwa Beach Flooding

With the amount of moisture we’ve had for the past couple winters and last summer as well, much of Saskatchewan is experiencing the worst flooding we’ve had in forty years.  Katepwa Lake, north of Indian Head, where our family has a cottage is no exception.  Last weekend, Shea, Pace and I were out to do some sandbagging with some family members and then with some of the cottage owners near us as well.

After we finished, we took a  drive around the four lakes that make up the Calling Lakes (including Katepwa) to see the extent of the damage.  The photo below is from Katepwa Beach.

Normally the “Unsupervised Swimming Area” sign is on a grassy area.  Beyond that, there’s a walkway, a drop down to a wide beach (you can just make out one of the boards that normally divides the walkway from the beach) and THEN the water starts.  Or at least where it’s *supposed* to start.

(That link to the Calling Lakes story has a photo of what Katepwa Beach normally looks like.)




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